17 April 2007

Are You Going To San Francisco?

I am, next month. And I'm looking for some tips from anyone familiar with the Bay Area on the best breweries to hit, other than Anchor, which I'm already planning on. I know we have some readers in San Fran, so speak up! Maybe we can grab a beer while I'm out there.

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  1. I'm not sure if you've left yet, but my fiancée and I were just there at the beginning of April. Every night we were there we made a stop by the Rogue Public House on Union St. in North Beach. They've got upwards of 40 Rogue beers on tap (including the 10,000 Brew when we were there). I strongly recommend you stop by.

    They did seem a little shy of breweries for the size of the city, though there was one on Columbus (SF Brewing Company I think) that we kept meaning to stop by but never did. I've also heard of Magnolia and 21st Amendment, though we didn't make it to either of those while we were there.