04 April 2007

3 Floyds is the King of the World

Congratulations to Three Floyds for being named the Best Brewer In the World - 2007 by RateBeer.com. According to the site, "The total number of brewers in our contest is 5,836. The 100 listed represent the top 1.7% of all brewers -- the creme de la creme of world brewing; a greater percentage of the population qualifies as genius for comparison." They were the only Indiana brewery to make the list.

Also, they were honored with the distinction of brewing the #3 Best Beer In the World - Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout; #4 - Three Floyds Oak Aged Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout; #17 - Three Floyds Dreadnaught Imperial IPA; and #62 - Three Floyds Behemoth Barleywine. In the Best Beer in the United States category, the four aforementioned beers came in #1, #2, #10, & #39, respectively, as well as #60 - Three Floyds Alpha King and #76 - Three Floyds Alpha Klaus Christmas Porter.

Damn, we knew they were great, and now everyone else does. Good job, Nick & Gang!


  1. You have a great blog. And Alpha King (and all Floyd's stuff) is great. I type this as I'm drinking a Dogfish Head 60 min. IPA. Tasty.

    My wife and I are possibly moving to Indy this summer. If we do you'll ahve to let me know where a good place to get a drink is

  2. Thanks, Eric. I can see you have great taste in beer, too! Though I prefer the Dogfish 90 over the 60. But it's still real good.

    We hope you choose our great city. Lots and lots of stuff going on here. You'll definitely have to come out with is!

  3. No award for the Robert the Bruce? That's my favorite to date -- though I've not seen the Stouts for sale in the Lafayette liquor stores. I didn't much care for the Alpha King. But, that's just a matter of my personal taste as opposed to quality.