19 March 2007

Last Word on the QuadRipple, by Kelly

It’s no coincidence that I’m bringing up the rear of the Beer Geek reviews this week, considering I’ve felt about ten steps behind the waking world for days now. That’s what a bout of the good ol’ stomach flu will do to you. By the time last night rolled around, I was more than ready for a drink—and what a drink it was!

Our group joined the already full bar area a little late, so we opted for a nearby table instead. I will echo the sentiment about being disappointed about only two beers on tap, but the QuadRipple proved itself to be a worthy adversary. Granted, my nose might not have been in the greatest condition (especially after being within sniffing range of the hot curry mussels being devoured next to me) but I could not get the smell or taste of bubblegum out of my palate for the first few sips. After that, my taste buds quieted down (with no help from the snappy carbonation—at times it felt like I was drinking sparkling wine!) and I was able to enjoy the beer without getting that cloying, oversweet feel I get from most fruity Belgians.

As remarked upon by others, the ABV was pretty merciless. Thankfully, I got to sop up the impending loopiness with a large cone of frites, which TOTALLY beat the white bread and bananas I had been eating all week. Even though I didn’t get to directly commiserate with the other Hoosier Beer Geeks last night, I give the QuadRipple 3.5 mugs. I’d definitely order it again, especially when my taste buds are at full capacity.

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