15 March 2007

4 Geeks on Quad Ripple

Four out of five Hoosier Beer Geeks (only Jason was absent) descended on Brugge in Broad Ripple tonight for the latest KOTBR. We realize that we've been spotty at best in reviewing and posting lately, and we apologize for that. We're trying to get a regular schedule going again.

Ted only had two beers on tap tonight - the saintly The Black and the QuadRipple. Since we reviewed The Black previously, we opted for the QuadRipple tonight.

As a lighter beer (I would have guessed a wheat beer at first glance), I was hesitant to try to QR at first. I opted to warm-up with The Black - one of only two beers I believe I have given 5 mugs to. Definitely in need of good beer tonight after a long week at work, The Black delivered on great taste.

But the QR definitely was a good beer, too. I couldn't pick out a nose (again, an ongoing problem of mine), but the first thing to hit me was the taste. It was very fruity, though not a fruit I first recognized. Jim compared it to our reviews of the Unibroue products, and the plum flavor the Trois Pistoles offered. I had to agree. The taste was of plum, though not overwhelming.

This was a heavily carbonated beer. Very sharp on the tongue, but easy enough to swallow. In fact, it may have been too easy to swallow. Into my second QR, I decided to inquire as to the ABV of the QR. Get this - 12%! 12%! That's the highest ABV rated beer we have reviewed here on HBG! And because of this high rating, you will be limited to only two servings. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!!

A really good beer. I have to give it 4 Mugs.

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