28 March 2007

I'll take a Coors Lite, please!

I got the chance to hang out with an old friend last night, who you all know as Traci on The Good Beer Show, who has been in town all week for a conference. We had planned to do a special guest review - a little cross-collaboration between new beer media. Unfortunately, I woke-up yesterday morning so congested that I could barely breathe. I went through an entire box of Puffs yesterday. So I needed a beer, yet I couldn't taste it. I told Traci that I may as well have ordered Coors Lite because I couldn't taste it anyway, but I was afraid someone would come in and see me.

We started the evening off at Deano's (where, apparently, the rest of the Knights of the Beer Roundtable are meeting tomorrow evening to review the season's first batch of Oberon without me, following the tapping of the keg party tonight), but Nick wasn't there, and the place was pretty dead. So we each finished off a Two-Hearted, and hit the road to MacNiven's. Traci was immediately impressed with MacNiven's when she found out that Dreadnaught, her Precious, was on tap. By the time I finished my Dreadnaught, I was finally feeling a little more lively, and plunged into a Dogfish 60. So in all, I had 3 very hoppy beers, each with a decidely distinct aftertaste, and couldn't taste one damn drop of it!


  1. the idea of you drinking coors light at MacNiven's is hilarious.

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  3. Jason - Do they even sale Coors Lite at MacNivens? I dunno . . .

    Eric - I agree - beer is certainly an acquired taste, and I'm damn sure glad I acquired it. The first beer I could ever finish was a MGD Lite, and the first beers that I ever enjoyed were Dos Equis and Rolling Rock. All three are horribly shitty beers, but at the time, it was what I could take. A co-worker introduced me to Guinness, which is probably the best "gateway" beer. Traci then actually played a big hand in advancing my beer tastes.