27 January 2007

Two Knights Write Again

We do generally just focus on beer-related topics on this site, but this is worth mentioning, since we all came together because of blogging.

Both Jim & I have gone back & forth in quitting our blogs and re-starting them. We hem & haw about not having the time to keep them fresh, then we complain about missing writing them. The truth is, he and I both really like blogging. I think he would agree, as would those of you who blog, that it's theraputic for your mind and soul. But we both recently killed our blogs, Jackson's Daddy and 11 a. m. Air Raid, respectively.

Well, we just couldn't stay away.

Jim has just launched a new blog, called He Writes About Words, a treatise on the English language, from words, to lyrics, to books, and beyond.

And I followed suite with my own new offering, christened The Non-Profit Dad, which is a journal on trying to be a good director of a local non-profit organization and trying to be a good father - at the same time.

We're both linked on the side. Check 'em out over a beer!

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