23 January 2007

Super Geeks!

Sorry for taking a few days off on posting. Like most everyone else in Indy, I think we're all still a little punch drunk from the game on Sunday, and in a little shock to be in the Super Bowl. I know we have some loyal readers on here who are diehard Bears fans, but this is the Hoosier Beer Geek, and we bleed Blue! Because I do like the Bears (normally), and if the Bears were in the Super Bowl any other year but this one I would be rooting for them, I will do my best to refrain from talking smack (don't think I'm worried, because I know Peyton will back up any smack I talk). I am happy that it's two great Midwestern teams representing. And I think we should all say to hell with Miami, and just meet up in South Bend and play this thing!

But anyway, on to beer. . .

The KOTBR will be meeting up on Thursday to review the much-ballyhooed beer list at Locals Only (near the corner of 56th & Keystone). Please feel free to join us after 8pm!

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