18 January 2007

Thanks to INtake, and welcome new readers!

Ok, so obviously the big news here at HoosierBeerGeek.com is the wonderful INtake article that came out today. This was the featured picture from our photoshoot a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Matt Gonzales and Tom Klubens for the spot. Thanks, too, to Neal Taflinger, better known as Taffy, for letting me put my two cents into his weekly pub crawl.

If you're new to the site because of the article, we would first like to say, "Welcome." Just to give you a bit of history, I started this blog back in August (see Archives) with the intent of reviewing some beers and trying to expose people to new kinds of my favorite beverage. My good friend Jason then quickly came up with the idea for both of us to get together and bring on a rotating guest to do the reviews. With that, the Knights of the Beer Roundtable (or KOTBR, for short) was born. We held our first roundtable, then Jim joined in on the second, and has been with us ever since. Kelly became the first female perspective to the blog, then most recently, Renee. We've had some previous coverage in Indianapolis Monthly and INtake, but never to this extent. We recently turned this into a "group" blog where we can all post directly, changed the URL to simply hoosierbeergeek.com (no www.), and we're in the process of doing some redesigning. We frequent Deano's in Fountain Square and The Hop Shop on the northside, but we're also making a habit of getting out to try more Hoosier brewpubs and taverns. We go out on the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month. To see our upcoming reviews, please check out the column to the right. We always invite you, our readers, to join us, too, and recently, some have started to.

So, again, welcome. We hope you find the blog enjoyable, because we sure have a lot of fun putting it together. Bookmark it, and make it regular reading material. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions. You can always email me directly at christophermaples@yahoo.com.


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