11 January 2007

Optimator & Jared

I think I've mentioned on here before the Wednesday night beer specials at the new Scotty's Brew House on the northside. You can get mini-pitchers (approx. 3 pints) of Coors Lite & Killians for $2.50, and all other beers for $5.00. It seriously costs more to buy an individual pint than to get the special. I have class at Indiana Wesleyan every Wednesday night, so a group of friends and I go out after class, and they have the cheapest beer around, by far.

I've thought they had a decent selection - I've always been able to get Bell's Two-Hearted on tap - but never anything special. And they hadn't changed up the beer selection since they opened (early November), which is never a good sign for a place with "Brew House" in its title. But I found a special treat on the menu last night - my favorite beer in the world - Spaten's Optimator!! 3 Pints of Optimator for only $5! That, my friends, is the deal of the century.

On top of that, as we were leaving, we ran into Jared, the Subway guy (also an Indy native).

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  1. Wow... I work just down the street from that place-- guess I know where I'm headed for lunch!