28 January 2007

Super Bowl parties featuring Indy vs. Chicago beers

I've had a few people email me this week from out-of-state that are looking to get some Indianapolis & Chicago beers and food for their Super Bowl Party, and wanted to know what would be available in their state.

I have suggested taking either the beer link list we have at the side of this site, or getting on to Indiana Beer and finding their list of Indiana brewers, taking it to your local good beer store, and seeing what they have. You can also contact the brewers off of their websites to see where their products are distributed.

Of course, we will only be drinking Indiana beers while watching the Super Bowl. Since last Sunday and until next Sunday, Indianapolis and Chicago are at war, and there are plenty of landmines planted along that 150 mile route up I-65.


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  1. There's a list of Chicago breweries here. The only ones I've been to are Rock Bottom and Goose Island.