20 August 2006

Mini-Kegs of Oberon

Yesterday, I found the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer afternoon spent by a pool.

I guess these mini-kegs (1.32 gallons) of Bell's Oberon are going like hotcakes. The keg equals out to about 14.5 bottles, and runs roughly the same price as two six-packs ($19.99).

I got mine at my favorite beer store, The Hop Shop, and there were a few more in stock.


  1. I'm thinking I'd like to try and drink a mini-keg in one setting.

  2. Hello, great blog. I'm an Irvingtonian and I occasionally comment on Jason's FourSquare266 blog, which is how I got here.

    In any event, while I'm sure it doesn't compare to the Hop Shop or Kahn's, I stumbled across a pleasant surprise last week. I was driving north on Rural approaching Michigan Street, a direction I don't usually travel in that area, and saw a sign on the rear of the Rural Inn declaring that they have the "best selection of micros and imports inside the 465 loop." Intrigued, I stopped in and looked around. All I saw were the usual Heinken/Amstel Light/Tecate type selections that one could find at any grocery store. The owner or manager then directed me to an enclosed cooler, which is about 8-10 feet deep and lined with six packs of micros and imports of all kinds. I was in a hurry and didn't peruse too much, but I was able to pick up six packs of Oberon and Three Floyds's Robert the Bruce Ale, and there was much more where that came from.

    I love Irvington and hope to live there indefinitely, but one of the frustrations can be the difficulty in buying "nice things." The Rural Inn is in a pretty sketchy area, but it's good to know there is a good selection within a short drive of home.

  3. Thanks for the tip, John. I'll have to check it out! Good beer closer to home is always a good thing!

  4. that "sketchy area" is within walking distance from my house, and i can assure you that it looks worse than it is.

    the rural inn can have a rough crowd around it in the evenings but the selection of micro and craft beers IS really good.

  5. aww I saw this post when searching for a place to buy kegs in Indianapolis. Called them and disappointed to hear that they are closed. Does anyone know where I can get a pony keg of something beer drinkers can agree on? i want 2 pony kegs (or anything smaller than a normal sized kegs) woodchuck, fat tire, dos equis, 312, indy blonde, triple de riple are my faves. everywhere i call they say that they don't do the pony kegs in much besides the normal coors light and bud light. boo!!!

  6. Did you try Kahn's?

    As for the mini-kegs, I think they're out of season now.

    Man this is an old post.

  7. Sun King sells kegs and I think you may find the Sunlight Cream Ale to be pretty agreeable in a diverse crowd.