10 August 2006

Free Beer!!

OK, I have to admit that when I started this blog a few days ago, one of my ulterior motivations was to get enough people reading that I could go to some of the local beer stores and convince them to give me free beer in return for advertising their store to other beer snobs. Well, we haven't quite gotten there in three days . . .

However, I had friend who is brewing his own stuff call me and tell me he'll gladly supply me with some of his brew if I would review it on here. Better yet, he's been talking to some of his other brew buddies, and they're willing to do the same. So, I've already harnessed some free good stuff off this idea. Sweet!!


  1. You should review Stella Artois when you get a chance. It's a fine Belgian beer.

    However, should you find it unacceptable, I will declare your Beer Roundtable rubbish! : )

  2. Well, I do love a fine Belgian, so we will certainly put the beautiful Miss Stella Artois into the mix.