10 May 2014

The Crown Beer Fest tickets winners are...

Congrats to Matt-in-the-Crown and Ana Cabezas! They each won a pair of Crown Beer Fest VIP tickets. The festival is Saturday, May 17 and general admission tickets are still available. 

As for the new king of beers, Matt wrote:

"I'll crown One Trick Pony the king of beers. They're little-known, but I've yet to have a beer from them that wasn't very good, and several have been outstanding."

And Ana points out:

"Flat 12 is wearing the crown of original beers and flavors. And the point to drinking craft beer is... why would you not? Drinking something produced with thought and love is amazing."

Matt, email us at HoosierBeerGeek at gmail dot com with your mailing address. And Ana... Well we KNOW who you are... 

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