05 May 2014

¡Olé! ¡Crowñ Beer Fest Tickét Giveaway!

I know you are in the middle of celebrating Cinco de Mayo, but Dieciséis de Mayo (that's May 17 to all y'all gringos) is also a great day to celebrate because that is the date of the Crown Beer Fest. Crown Beer Fest is hosted by Crown Brewing and is held during American Craft Beer Week every year. The event is made up of sampling booths of craft breweries from Indiana, Illinois, and other surrounding states. Your ticket covers all of your beer samples.

Breweries attending will include:

Goose Island
Three Floyd's
Transient Artisan Ales
Tin Man
Figure Eight Brewing
One Trick Pony
18th Street Brewery
Sun King 
Lafayette Brew Co 
The Devil's Trumpet Brewing Co.
Four Father's 
Flat 12
Shoreline Brewery 
Black Acre Brewing Co.
Hunter's Brewing
Cutters Brewing Company
Bloomington Brewing Company
Bulldog Brewing 
Iechyd Da Brewing Company
Burn 'Em Brewing
Triton Brewing 
Crown Brewing
Black Swan
Bier Brewery
Evil Czech
Barley Island

General admission tickets will get you four hours of access. That's $35 for 2p-6p central. You can get them at www.crownbeerfest.com. But we have two pairs of VIP tickets to give away. 

To join: Post a comment on this article and tell us either who you would CROWN as your king or queen of beers or tell us what you think the POINT is of drinking craft beer. Do it by Thursday at noon. We will toss the responses in a sombrero, do a little dance around it, and draw two names. We will notify you if you win.


  1. King of Beers right now is Sun King....love what they are doing throughout the state of Indiana and especially in being a pioneer for the Indianapolis craft beer movement!! Queen of Beers is without a doubt my girlfriend! She was a novice when she met me and now she has taken an interest in craft beer...even scrapbooking our brewery adventures! Plus she suggested Asheville as a little weekend getaway because, "They have alot of breweries we can go to!"

    The point of drinking craft beer to me is that it is an evolving hobby and opens doorways to meeting new people, visiting new places, and I have found myself learning a lot of new, cool things in the process.


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  3. I am a fan of Flat 12. The Half-Cycle is one of my all time favorites. I also really enjoy sampling their seasonal beers. A good deal of creativity over there!

  4. I would definitely crown Triton as the king. Their beers do not disappoint. Also my kids and I loved going out their last season for their clustertruck. Good food, good times, great beer!

  5. The entire royal court of beers right now is the brewers of Indiana, who are putting our state on the map for something other than crazies and conservatives. And the reason to drink craft beer is not only to enjoy new flavors (though that's very nice!), but to visit new places and meet new people.

  6. The question you want answered is very hard to answer.... I'm sure if you asked people on the Street the answer you would most likely get is Sun King... However although do make some tasty beverages I do not believe they are the true "King"... The list you posted only provided craft beers that are commercially sold... You left out some fine brew-pubs that make some excellent craft beers... My example would be Black Acres out in Irvington... Although not commercially sold they have some craft beer that I believe could go toe to toe with any... With that being said I do not think you can crown just one King or Queen... Yes some have been around longer and have done more for the craft beer movement but is it that that makes you the king or queen?

    As for why craft beer? Craft beer is a way of life! I can still remember being 21 and going to the liquor store with my cousin and buying one of every craft beer there was just to see what the hype was... Since then its always been craft beer... From a Chai Tea Stout or Saucy Intruder at Black Acres or Cherry Sour at The Black Swan to a nice Sunlight Cream Ale from Sun King... Craft beer is not just about brewing as much beer as you can or making as much money as you can off of it... Craft beer is much more... The first taste of your new batch... The sharing of the experience with other craft beer people... It is an unforgettable experience... It is a way of life...

  7. Can't go wrong with any of the Brewers on the list as they offer something for everyone... Sun King is great and preferred right now, and you can't beat $5 growler fridays! Pretty awesome to have the selections we have in central Indiana.

  8. Black Acre is one of the most underrated Brewery in the State, because they have yet to distribute, but they are on the cusp of doing so. But Drinking local beer, not only supports some of the hippest cats in the beer game but also allows you to drink someones passion and love they put into each batch of beer

  9. Flat 12 is wearing the crown of original beers and flavors. And the point to drinking craft beer is... why would you not? Drinking something produced with thought and love is amazing.

  10. I would have to go with Sun King. You can't beat most of their brews. Plus they are the official beer of GenCon. How much more geek can you get? I think the point of drinking craft beer is to try new things that the big breweries aren't doing. And it is always good to support local businesses.

  11. I think Three Floyd's is the King of Beers. They are putting a national spotlight onto the region and this in turn give more attention to Indiana brewers. The point of Craft Brewing is to explore beer in general. Beer can be as complex as wine as we are just starting to see people being to realize this and it's an exciting time to experience.

  12. For me, drinking craft beer is the flavor profile. I love amazing combinations of bittering hops, aromatic hops, sweet malt, roasted malt, and interesting ingredients. I love beer that smells as good as it tastes, and finishes as good as it starts. Indiana breweries are all doing amazing things. I love what Flat12 and Sunking are starting, and Founders is doing some amazing things, but I would have to give the crown to 3Floyds. I've been to their brewery twice, and I have never been disappointed by anything that I've had, whether it was their peppery Rabbid Rabbit, their malty altbier, or, and my personal favorite, their 3 brewery compilation, the Blakkr, their in your face black IPA that smells like hop heaven and tastes like fresh hop pellets. They keep doing fantastic things; they're definitely the leader of the pack.

  13. I'll Crown One Trick Pony the king of beers. They're little-known, but I've yet to have a beer from them that wasn't very good, and several have been outstanding.