20 September 2013

HBG Pint Night: Thursday, September 26th, Shoefly Public House, 6:30pm

We've got a special treat in store for September's edition of HBG Pint Night: Shoefly Public House, a brand-new restaurant in the Fall Creek Place neighborhood, will be opening their doors a little early to provide an exclusive first look to HBG readers!  Owner Craig Mariutto has announced that their official opening is scheduled for Saturday, 9/28 at 11am, but they'll open on Thursday, 9/26 at 6:30pm to let us in and try the place out with all of you.

Shoefly is located at 122 E. 22nd St. in a building over 100 years old.  Due to years of neglect from an extended period of vacancy during the 90's and 00's, the interior of the building had to be completely gutted and rebuilt.  As you can see from the pictures throughout this post, the interior transformation of this building is nothing short of stunning.

The partially gutted and reinforced interior of the building in November 2012.
A shot from behind the bar at the restored interior of the building.

While the near-north neighborhoods of Indianapolis have been blessed with some great additions in 2013 -- from Foundry Provisions to Lincoln Square Pancake House to Thirsty Scholar -- the area still has a dearth of full-service restaurants in the evening.  Shoefly will finally fill that void, providing a place for neighbors to gather and unwind together at the end of the day.

A collapsed second floor due to years of neglect and a failed roof, November 2012.
The rebuilt interior features the raw, original brick walls.

So come on out and join us next Thursday at 6:30pm when every one of Shoefly's 12 taps will be special because no beer has ever flowed through them before!  A limited food menu will also be available.  One beer will be selected as the special for the day and will have a dish prepared by kitchen manager Canaan Allen to pair with the beer (hint: it's likely to be a fall-themed beer).

Wood reclaimed from the interior demolition is used as the bar backdrop at left.


  1. I'm so excited. I've been excited about this place for MONTHS and months, seeing as I drive, walk, or bike by it at least once a day! It looks great, see you tonight!