25 September 2013

Before CANvitational, Get To Know - Schlafly

We are on a roll with our Brewers posts' and this edition is from one of our favorites, Schlafly.

Schlafly, aka Saint Louis Brewery, was founded in 1991 by Dan Kopman and Tom Schlafly.  The taproom is housed in an old building that nearly met its demise while it laid vacant between the time of it's printing company inhabitants and the fine folks at Schlafly.  You can read more about its history and learn what movie you can see the taproom building in on their site.  

Look for them and the following beers at the event.

IPA - 
Our IPA is a session IPA, a smooth golden ale packed with the bold flavor and aroma of American hops.  We crafted it in the spirit of the low gravity IPAs common in the UK where the style stands for hoppy, not heavy.

American Brown - Our American Brown Ale starts with a classic British brown recipe crafted with caramel and chocolate malts for sweetness and color. Then we fortify it with the bold flavor and aroma of American hops.

Black Lager - Sessions Black Lager is a traditional German Schwarzbier with a refreshingly light body.  The dark chocolate malts contribute color and hints of roasted coffee balanced by the delicate aroma of German Noble hops.  Translated from German, Schwarzbier means black beer.

Now, without further ado, here's Jared Williamson - 

1. What music do you hear most often on the brew deck?  

Mostly hippy-metal-jazz-grass-funk.

2. What's your brewing mission? What are you trying to accomplish with your beer?

My mission is to be the best Brewhouse Warrior I can be: smooth lauters, brewing in spec, efficient batch management, hitting target O.G., and consistency. What am I trying to accomplish: delicious awesomeness.  

3. How many beards can be found in the brewery on any given day?  

Over 20. During the winter, closer to 30. We're a hairy bunch.

4. Which beers outside of your own do you enjoy? What beer do you wish you came up with? Why?

I'm a big fan of our fellow Saint Louis area breweries, lots of great beer is being brewed here. I can't really think of a specific beer I wish I came up with, but I'm glad I had a very creative beginning to my career with New Albanian. A lot of brewers never get to enjoy that kind of freedom. 

5. What's your go-to shift beer after a long day brewing?

Our Session IPA, which I helped design, always hits the spot. I'm a big fan of low gravity, hop forward beers. 

6. What do you drink when you aren't drinking beer?  

Water, coffee, and Bloody Mary's 

Are you on #teamradler? 

I'm drinking a Radler while I type this, #teamradler for life.

Much love to Jared, we look forward to throwing back some Session IPA!  

What is the Canvitational?
On Saturday, September 28th, 2013, the inaugural CANvitational will enlighten patrons to sample craft beer from award winning breweries from across the USA, enjoy local Indy eats provided by food trucks and music (DJ Helicon and DJ Action Jackson), in an urban downtown atmosphere.

Tickets are available and the event will feature some familiar breweries, as well as many out of state.  You can find more information about them and the event at http://canvitational.com/.

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