26 September 2013

Before CANvitational, Get To Know - Tin Man

CANvitational draws near, just a few more days remain!  Do you have your tickets yet?

Tin Man is one of Indiana's newest breweries.  They are based in Evansville and have a kick-ass robot theme.  Their brew process is a little different from others too, as they use a High Efficiency Brewing System (HEBS), which you can learn a little more about here.

Look for them and the following beers at the event.

Circuit Bohemian Pilsner Circuit tips a can to Czech pilsners with its light and crisp metallic finish. Its thirst-quenching flavor is mostly derived from heavy use of Saaz hops and it boasts amazing head retention for such a light beer. Whether on a hot day or with a plate of scampi, you’ll enjoy a cold circuit.

Rivet Irish Red Ale Rivet whets your sensors with Caramel malts and Willamette hops to produce a more colorful and flavorful version of its English relatives – the bitter clan. Its toffee sweetness and mild bitterness make Rivet the perfect complement to backyard barbecues and burgers.

Alloy American IPA Upon sampling Alloy, citrus notes turn to outright grapefruit with a malty sweetness just behind. Copper in color and well-balanced, its hoppy bitter finish dissipates quickly and leaves only one desire – more! Activate your hop sensors for a well-deserved glass of Alloy.

Robust Porter Our manufacturing went into maximum overdrive with kilos of dark malts, northern brewer and cascade hops. Though its flood of dark fruit flavor and hop aroma are big, this beer remains amazingly balanced and easy to drink. After a hard day of work, unwind with 3 Gear.

And we'll let Nick Davidson take it away...

1. What music do you hear most often on the brew deck?
Most of the time we just turn on Pandora or Spotify and listen to random music, but if I had my way we would exclusively listen to Queens of the Stone Age.  All the brewers at Tin Man like just about everything when it comes to music so there's never any arguments when picking something to rock out to.

2. What's your brewing mission? What are you trying to accomplish with your beer?
Our mission is to bring the craft beer culture to southwestern Indiana.  It's also our mission to try and be as eco-friendly as possible.

3. How many beards can be found in the brewery on any given day?
There are at least 3 beards in the brewery on any given day, but there usually one or two exceptional mustaches as well.

4. Which beers outside of your own do you enjoy? What beer do you wish you came up with? Why?
Tough question.  It depends on the season.  With autumn & winter around the corner, my wife really enjoys Hibernation Ale by Great Divide, so I've become a fan of that beer.  It might sound like a BS answer, but I really enjoy all the beers made by my fellow Indiana craft brewers.  You will routinely find, Flat 12's Half Cycle, Triton's Rail Splitter, New Albanian's Hoptimus, or Cutter's Floyd's Folly in my refrigerator.  There's a beer brewed by Breakside Brewery in Portland called the Aztec, the pairing of cacao nibs & serrano chili peppers is delicious & has a great mouth feel, I would've loved to come up with that beer. 

5. What's your go-to shift beer after a long day of brewing?
I'm a hop-head so after brewing or any long day at work I go have a pint of Overlord, our Imperial IPA.

6. What do you drink when you aren't drinking beer? Are you on #teamradler?
I'm a bourbon drinker when I'm not drinking beer (but I'm usually drinking beer).  And yes I'm a supporter of #teamradler!

Thanks Nick!  We'll see you soon!

What is the Canvitational?
On Saturday, September 28th, 2013, the inaugural CANvitational will enlighten patrons to sample craft beer from award winning breweries from across the USA, enjoy local Indy eats provided by food trucks and music (DJ Helicon and DJ Action Jackson), in an urban downtown atmosphere.

Tickets are available and the event will feature some familiar breweries, as well as many out of state.  You can find more information about them and the event at http://canvitational.com/.

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