23 April 2013

Tailgate for Nothing 8 | Recap and Thanks

On Saturday at Sun King Brewing Company's back parking lot, the eighth and best-attended Tailgate for Nothing took place. A time to share beer. A time to share food. A time to promote the spirit of camaraderie through the love of craft beer.

"Pot Food" was the theme. That theme was taken quite seriously by TFN8 attendees. The gentlemen from Balls Brewing, for example, offered up steamed mussels and frites that were worthy of Brugge Brasserie's version. Someone set out a genuine Cajun crawfish boil. There was curried goat stew. There was even vegan stew.

And yes, there was plenty of delicious beer to go around.

Despite the chilly weather, old friends came, and new friends were made. Folks came from as far as Wisconsin. People who had no idea about the event stumbled on to it and found themselves having a great time. The ladies of Girls Pint Out came and brought cool swag along with some of the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet. Folks from Black Acre Brewing Company joined us. The Brewers of Indiana Guild held a meeting of its members at Sun King, and some of Indiana's finest brewmasters joined in the festivities after the meeting. Thankfully, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as the sun managed to finally show itself mid-afternoon to chase away some of the cold.

All in all, it was an outstanding day.

Now for the thank you's--

Our enduring gratitude goes out to the folks at Sun King for allowing us to hold TFN yet again at their place. We've done this eight times now and hope that we'll be able to continue the tradition this fall with our ninth TFN.

We also extend a hearty thanks to everyone who attended TFN8. We enjoyed seeing familiar faces and seeing new ones as well. We hope you enjoyed the experience. We certainly appreciate all the great food and beer that you brought and are grateful to those of you who tidied up after yourselves before you left. A few folks left behind a bit of a mess, but we trust that they'll do better next time as our ability to continue holding the event at Sun King depends upon our courtesy to them for letting us use their space.

Now for the photo dump. Enjoy the scenes from the day.

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  1. I believe at the peak, we had over 100 people in attendance. Great turnout!