19 April 2013

Scenes from HBG Pint Night | April Edition

On Thursday night, attendees of our April Pint Night battled the elements to get to La Margarita to enjoy Prairie Artisan Ales' Funky Galaxy. We thank them for coming out to share a pint and some camaraderie. Funky Galaxy was indeed funky, citrusy, and delicious as expected and lived up to the hype that has surrounded Prairie's arrival in Indiana. We encourage you to give Prairie's beers a try because they're truly doing some creative and tasty things with the Saison style.

We also thank Jon Rangel and La Margarita for hosting us. If you've never been to La Margarita and you're into craft beer, we urge you to go. Jon keeps all taps flowing with craft beer and almost always has something on tap that no one else in town has. He also does a great job with the bottle selection.

May's Pint Night is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 23 at the Tomlinson Tap Room at the City Market. The beer selection is yet to be made, but we'll update you when that happens. In the meantime, save a spot on your calendars for our first Pint Night that will feature an Indiana beer.

Here's what you missed if you weren't able to come to La Margarita:

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