11 July 2012

Indiana Breweries You May Not Have Known Existed

In the halcyon days of Hoosier Beer Geek's youth, Indiana had less than 25 breweries to focus our attention on. With close to 50 operating and 70 total permitted breweries in Indiana today, we'd like to point out just a few of the newer folks that you may have missed.

Danny Boy Beer Works
Carmel/Indianapolis, IN
Twitter: @dannyboybeer

Danny Boy might be the smallest batch brewery to have two addresses. With addresses of both 11590 North Meridian in Carmel (a very large bank building) and 5699 North Delaware in Indianapolis (a residence), Danny Boy appears to be a macro/garage type brewery producing the occasion batch for Carmel's Brockway Pub.

Das Big Dawg Brewhaus
3407 National Road West, Richmond, IN

As an offshoot of Richmond's J&J Winery, Das Big Dawg's lineup is available in a few pubs around Richmond. Their website lists such styles as an imperial oatmeal stout, a classic pale ale, a triple-hopped IPA, a raspberry wheat, and an English bitter. Das Big Dawg will be attending the Indiana Microbrewers Festival this Saturday, be sure to check them out.

Iechyd Da Brewing Company
317 North Main, Elkhart, IN
Twitter: @iechyddabrew

Husband and wife Chip and Summer Lewis opened Iechyd Da in their hometown of Elkhart in 2012. Focusing on a lineup of almost-sessionable (by the Lew Bryson definition) ales, and featuring 8 taps and 2 handpulls at their brewery, Iechyd Da (pronounced Yah-key-Dah) hopes to bring good health to the northern Indiana craft beer scene. Stop by their table at the Microbrewers Festival for a taste or two.

Salt Creek Brewery
466 Old State Road 37 North, Bedford, IN

Head about 30 minutes south of Bloomington, and in a former service garage you'll find Salt Creek Brewery. Making full use of the space, the folks behind Salt Creek situated their brewing equipment in the former garage's "pit" (the basement like space that many service station use to change your oil). Salt Creek's beer lineup includes Junk Yard Dog Stout, Black Dog Scottish Pub Ale, "The Recipe" Belgian Saison, and Out of Order IPA. Salt Creek is proud to be Lawrence County's first and only craft brewery.

ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewing
1038 Lafayette Ave, Columbus, IN

Although their website makes no mention of brewing efforts, Columbus' ZwanzigZ Pizza brought a full lineup to the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival, and looks to show off their beer in Indianapolis on Saturday.


  1. Just a head's up, the head brewer at Zwanzigz is Mike Rybinski. He's got four World Beer Cup medals to his name (3 x Gold and 1 x Silver).

  2. Thanks Doug. Who did he work with previously?

  3. He was at the now closed, America's Brewpub (Walter Payton's Roundhouse) in Aurora, IL

  4. After seeing the beer formerly known as Oompa Loompa White Chocolate Beer on the menu, there was no denying Mike Rybinski was at the helm.

  5. Evil Czech has recently opened in the lake town of Culver in northern Indiana. Also, Twisted Crew in Seymour seems to be one that is under the radar.

  6. Hung out at Salt Creek Brewery tonight what a cool place, relaxed atmosphere, great beer, friendly staff. Heading back this weekend.