23 July 2012

Zwanzigz Pizza and Brewing

One of the great things about the Indiana Microbrewers Festival is getting the chance to try beers from all of the new and upcoming breweries that we have in Indiana. When I joined Hoosier Beer Geek, it was easy to keep up with all of the new places opening up, but now it seems like I hear about new places all of the time, and I am not able to keep up with all of the changes here in Indiana. What an awesome time we are living in for better beer here in the Hoosier State!

At the Microbrewers Festival this year, one of the new places I was very impressed with was Zwanzigz Pizza and Brewing from Columbus. I was pouring at the real ale tent, and I kept heading just across the grounds to hit them up several times for their beer.

I talked the wife into going down to Columbus for the evening by using the outlet mall as bait. Zwanzigz is in downtown Columbus not too far from the outlet mall.  

From what I can gather online, it looks like Zwanzigz has been open for a couple of years as a pizzeria and has recently added a full scale brewing operation to it. They have a web page for the pizzeria, but I cannot find any information about the brewing side of the business online.  

When you drive into downtown Columbus, you keep seeing blocks of housing that remind you of what life used to be like in a bygone era, and then suddenly I saw the tanks of the brewery from a window, and then saw the awning for the restaurant. It seems like this was built in the middle of the neighborhood. The space for the restaurant is easily laid out. It is covered in wood and has lots of seating. The brewery itself is in the back of the building. You do not get table service here though. When you walk in and find a seat you have to go to the center island and order your drinks and pizza. They give you a number and then bring out your food to you. The menu is mostly pizza, subs, and calzones. 

I opted for the flight of their beers. They sell a few other bottled beers in the cooler, but I was really floored by how many people I still saw drinking Bud Light. To each his own though.  

(Sorry for the phone pictures. I brought my nice camera, but realized my memory disk was still in the computer at home). 

The Stout was another personal favorite. 

The Wheat and Nut Brown were very solid offerings. 

Blueberry Beer.  A personal favorite. 

Back bar with the brewing equipment. 

More tanks

The pizza was pretty good and the beer was excellent. I really enjoyed my visit to Zwanzigz. I look forward to trying more of their beer in the future. I see them as another great addition to the Indiana brewing community. 

Another place to go in Columbus is an old fashioned ice cream parlor that has been in business since 1900 called Zaharakos. We had never been there before, but my four year old declared it her favorite ice cream ever. So if you are a beer lover who needs to disguise your beer trip with shopping and ice cream, Columbus is a very viable option.



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  1. We've been hearing good things too about the additions to the craft ranks in Columbus!