08 November 2011


When Gina and I rolled into TFN5 fashionably (15 minutes or so) late, and it was evident this would be a shot-out-of-a-cannon experience. While previous tailgate efforts started with a slow rolling boil, it felt like maybe this time the pot was already spilling over.

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As the day rolled on the crowd continued to grow, providing plenty of new faces to the mix. I did my best to get out an interview the folks attending - I think you'll see from the video tomorrow that people love being interviewed.

One thing that we think went better this time - there seemed to be a lot more mingling in the crowd. We're happy to see that happen. Once again there was so much going on that it was hard to keep up with everything - I'd have liked to meet and interview more folks, actually - but I think it's safe to say that most folks enjoyed the day.

As a group, TFN is our favorite HBG event. Thanks to the folks that came out and helped make the day so enjoyable.

Tomorrow: TFN5 - The 50 Minute Interview Film (if YouTube cooperates)

I really did try, Rod.

If you attended, drop a comment - let us know how your day went, and what you thought of the event.  

More coverage available at Indy Beer Meetup.

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  1. Another great TFN! Thanks to HBG for putting it on and the gentlemen at Sunking for hosting again! Always a great event for meeting new people, trying some new beers and eating some kick ass food. Everything about this event just keeps getting better!