01 November 2011

Shelton Brothers Returns to Indiana

On March 29th we ran the following:
Achel. Cantillon. De Molen. De Prouf. Dieu Du Ciel. Drie Fonteinen. EKU. Fantome. Haandbryggeriet. Jolly Pumpkin. Mikkeller. Nøgne Ø. Nørrebro Bryghus. Struise.

While these breweries may not be anyone's "regular", they are the sort of breweries whose beer fills a niche. If you're looking for a one-off beer to bring to a party of better beer fans, you could hardly go wrong picking from the list of breweries above.

They are also all breweries whose beer currently sits on the shelves of liquor stores throughout Indiana. But not for much longer. These beers, which are part of the "hand-selected" Shelton Brothers portfolio, have stopped being shipped to their Indiana distributor, Cavalier.

What's behind the decision to leave Indiana? It's hard to say.

A few weeks ago, rumbling began on the BeerAdvocate forums about a new distributor taking up the Shelton Brothers portfolio. We found a facebook page. We sent out an email:

I was wondering if you folks would be up for a quick interview for Hoosier Beer Geek about what you're bringing back to Indiana, and what your future plans are.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, let me know. Thanks.

Hoosier Beer Geek
They responded:

Sure we would be up for something like that. It will be just a bit, as we are very busy with getting product in and dealing with new business. I can say that we are very excited about serving Indiana and Hoosiers throughout the state.

Thank you for your interest. I would also like to direct you to our Facebook page. A bit of a disclaimer is due though. Due to issues with Facebook and the Starlight Distribution page, we are going to begin a new page named Starlight DistributionLLC. This will be up by Wed. We will also post on the Starlight Distribution page that we have moved and renamed the site.


Stacy Eads
Starlight Distribution
In any case, browsing the new Starlight facebook page turns up the following information:
10/28/11 New shipment of Shelton Brothers products on shelves now at The Keg, 617 E Lewis and Clark Pkwy in Clarksville!

10/29/11 A variety of Shelton Brothers products to be available in Indy on Wednesday, November 2nd at Crown Liquors and Cost Plus World Market.

10/29/11 Ridgeway Pickled Santa and the Curious Collection Xmas Pack #8 (Case of 5 packs) available at Charlestown Pizza Company on Wednesday.

10/31/11 We will have selections of Shelton's products at Kahn's in Indy and a few select stores in Bloomington within the next month. Check back for updates.
So there you have it. Keep an eye out for that excellent Shelton Brothers lineup, and be sure to thank the folks from Starlight Distribution if you get the chance.

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