13 September 2011

Personal Foal: Roughing the taste buds at Lucas Oil Stadium

So what’s on the menu?

Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, MGD, MGD64…


…Blue Moon, Leinenkugel’s…

Fakey Craft.

…Heineken, Amstel Light, Corona, Corona Light…

Less than great imports.

...Peroni, Pilsner Urquell…

Getting better.

…Sam Adams, Fat Tire…

Now we’re getting somewhere.

…Upland Wheat, Upland IPA…

Yes! Indiana beers!

...Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice…

Aw, fuck.

Every year, I’m blindly optimistic that Lucas Oil Stadium will add more craft beer to its craft beer menu. And every year, I’m disappointed.

It started when the LO opened in 2008. The only local craft beer to be found came from The Ram.

In 2009, they moved forward and added Upland.

But in 2010, they took a step back. No Ram.

What pisses me off more: I sit in section 613 and I have to find my way down to one of the other two levels below to get a decent beer. It is pathetic. It is sad.

And what makes it worse: in less than four months, Lucas Oil Stadium will host the biggest game of the year. Indianapolis is putting on its Sunday best. Georgia Street (or whatever generic name they choose to give it) is being set up as the ultimate front yard. Hoosier Hospitality will be turned up to eleven.

But inside Lucas Oil Stadium, instead of getting schooled on Indiana brewing, the majority of Super Bowl guests (those not near the few Upland stands) will think the best beers we have to offer come from Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Golden, Colorado.


  1. Yes, but what does this have to do with baby horses?

  2. Do we know if Upland will actually get to pour at the Super Bowl? Somehow that seems unlikely..

  3. I see two sides.. 1. It'd be nice if we could add more local breweries into Lucas Oil Stadium at least for the Super Bowl to show Indiana flavor... however 2. This is a nation wide event...and as much as I wish Indiana local brewers or micro brewers in general ruled the nation.. currently domestics are on top until they are overthrown. So I can see why the stadium would stick to those beers especially since most of them sponsor the Super Bowl.

  4. I agree, what does this have to do with baby horses?

  5. Play on words, maybe? Foal, colt . . . think about it.

  6. Lucas Oil also has a ridiculously prohibitive price tag for local breweries. You'd think they would want to showcase some, but we all know how the big boys play!

  7. Really? Have you looked around a Colts game? The vast majority are perfectly willing to shell out plenty of oats to drink St. Louis breed equestrian piss (keeping with the theme). The price they put on the Upland beer is offensive and no one is banging down doors to get to it in that environment. Let the blue faced bafoons drink away the memory of #18 on the $8 Bud.

  8. Steve's got it. You must pay to play, baby -- it's the system handed down to us by corporate America, and the big boys suckle like foals on it. Perhaps Upland would be willing to reveal how much it costs them to be there?