01 September 2011

HBG5: A Very Small Photo Gallery

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in Saturday's HBG5 party. Our sponsors were more than generous, our crowd was fun and well-behaved (considering how much beer we went though, that was greatly appreciated), and a good time was had by all.

As it turns out, I was too busy drinking at HBG5 to take many photos. And amongst the 20 or so I did take, about 15 of them are of Jason, so I must have had enough to drink. In any case, here are a few shots from Saturday's event.

We're interested to hear your thoughts on the event. Did you have a favorite beer? How was the food? Any suggestions (apart from more bathrooms)?


  1. Fave Beers: Second Shift, Flat 12 (All)
    Food: Great
    Bathrooms: You need 2 more

    Thanks for putting it together - it's been awesome every year.


  3. It was fun. Shorter lines than the other beer festivals, food was excellent, beer selection was excellent, embarrassing stories told by Jason's parents were excellent. Future blackmail opportunities are excellent.

  4. I saw my yellow socks! :)

    Fave Beers: Bjava Disorder Porter

    Definitely needed more bathrooms..

    It was great meeting everyone!

  5. Really great crowd this year!! Even with all of the big beers, people handled themselves well (except Jason, of course).

    Faves were Super Kitty and Grapefruit Jungle (even though it wasn't on tap...maybe)

  6. Great party! Thanks to everyone at HBG, Sun King, Papa Roux and everyone else that helped. My favorite beer was El Gato Grande from 2nd Shift.