09 July 2011

Indiana State Fair Brewer's Cup 2011 Results

Here are the professional brewery winners for the 2011 Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup.  I didn't list the homebrewer winners because I would likely butcher all of their names.  Check brewerscup.org for a full list of the winners.

1 - Light Lager
1st: RB Orland Park - Orland Park Light
2nd: Brickstone - Brickstone 567
3rd: Lafayette - Star City Lager

2 - Pilsner
1st: Sun King - Popcorn Pilsner
2nd: RB Orland Park - Pilsner
3rd: Upland - Preservation Pilsner

3 - European Amber Lager
1st: RB Orland Park - Cinco de Mayo
2nd: Oaken Barrel - Oaktoberfest
3rd: Crown - Marzenfest

4 - Dark Lager
3rd: Oaken Barrel - Big Black Johnny

5 - Bock
1st: RB Downtown - Goat Toppler
2nd: RB Orland Park - Procrastinator
3rd: Crown - Alchoholica

6 - Light Hybrid Beer
1st: Bier - Special K
2nd: Bier - Right Side Up Blonde Ale
3rd: RB College Park - Kolsch

7 - Amber Hybrid Beer
1st: Broad Ripple - Common
2nd: Oaken Barrel - Totally Tubular Dude
3rd: Oaken Barrel - The Northern Front

8 - English Pale Ale
1st: People's - Trent Pale Ale
2nd: Bier - Cascadian Light Ale
3rd: The RAM - Bill's Better Bitter

9 - Scottish and Irish Ale
1st: Sun King - Wee Muckle
2nd: People's - Nine Irish Ale
3rd: Crown - Kennywood

10 - American Ale
1st: Brickstone - APA
2nd: Mad Anthony - Ol Woody Pale Ale
3rd: Half Moon - Old Ben

11 - English Brown Ale
1st: New Albanian - Community Dark
2nd: Half Moon - Old Ben
3rd: RB Downtown - Brown Ale

12 - Porter
1st: Crown - Industrial Porter
2nd: Half Moon - Cole Porter
3rd: New Albanian - Bob's Old 15-B

13 - Stout
1st: Crown - Celtic Pride Oatmeal Stout
2nd: Crown - Milk Chocolate Stout
3rd: Upland - Komodo Dragonfly

14 - IPA
1st: Brickstone - Golden Promise
2nd: Half Moon - Elwood IPA
3rd: Mad Anthony - Mad Brew IPA

15 - German Wheat and Rye Beer
1st: The RAM - Big Horn Hefeweizen
2nd: Bier - Roggenschnizzle
3rd: Oaken Barrel - Uberweizen

16 - Belgian and French Ale
1st: Upland - Wheat
2nd: Upland - Dantalion
3rd: Bier - Belgian Pale

17 - Sour Ale
1st: Upland - Persimmon Lambic
2nd: Upland - Sour Reserve

18 - Belgian Strong Ale
1st: Bier - Belgian Dubbel
2nd: Oaken Barrel - Epiphany
3rd: Bier - Trippel

19 - Strong Ale
1st: Sun King - Johan
2nd: Bier - FBG Barleywhine
3rd: Bier - Barleywhine

20 - Fruit Beer
1st: Bier - Fruit Cup Surprise
2nd: Brickstone - Brickstone Cherry Ale
3rd: Crown - Crown Blue

21 - Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
1st: Oaken Barrel - Brewberries
2nd: The RAM - Java Disorder
3rd: Barley Island - Black Mystic Java Stout

22 - Smoke-Flavored/Wood-Aged Beer
1st: Sun King - Timmie van Winkle
2nd: Crown - Bourbon Alchoholica
3rd: People's - Notorious B.I.P.

23 - Specialty Beer
1st: Crown - Captain Chaos
2nd: RB Downtown - Catcher in the Rye
3rd: Barley Island - Whose Ear Double Red

Best of Show: Upland - Persimmon Lambic
Brewery of the year: Bier

Best of Show Homebrew: Chris Ingerman - Cerveza Negra (Vienna Lager)
Homebrewer of the Year - Michael Pearson (16 points)
Homebrew Club of the Year - MECA (4th year in a row)


  1. Bummer about the no home brewer results...

  2. The MECA guys have won 5 years in a row...in 2008 it was a "tie" (shared with the FBI) but MECA has never lost the title of Indiana Homebrew Club of the Year since they have existed. Congrats to all of the winners, home and pro brewers alike!

  3. I guess if you throw beer in every category a few are bound to stick was theme of this years competition.

  4. I take it Three Floyds didn't enter any beer? A good deal of brewers are missing from the awards.

  5. Thanks for the MECA PSA!

  6. True you need to brew quality beer and enter a lot of it. But you can enter a lot of crap beer too and not win. It isn't just a numbers game!

  7. Bier Brewery entered a lot of beer and won Champion Brewer. They make excellent beer up there. Congratulations to Darren and his crew.

  8. I'm loving the anonymous homebrewer smack talk. I think we have an under-served market for HBG material.

  9. Hey, can't everyone just get along? ;)

    Brewers in general are a very proud and passionate group of people. Just an observation.

    The quality of beer in this year's Brewer's Cup was very high. I talked to Gordon Strong, BJCP Grand Master V judge and he was blown away with the quality of light lagers. Many 40+ point beers were thrown off the table. The beers I judged personally were (overall) of excellent quality. I think a little spirited competition has raised the overall quality of beer in the state, and that is good for everyone.

    Relax, don't worry, have a brew! It is Indiana Beer week after all!

  10. Jim, the phrase you miss quoted is from Charlie Papazian, which is "Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Homebrew"

  11. Deliberately misquoted to encourage either home or commercial craft beer consumption. ;)

  12. I had the honor of judging Best of Show on the homebrew side and I have to say that it was the best line up of beers I had ever judged (and I've been judging for a long time). There were a lot of really good beers! It was also great to see the homebrew winners come from clubs all over the state. MECA had an outstanding showing as we have all come to expect (they make great beer and a lot of it), but there were lots of other winners as well. I thought it was a great competition!

    Happy Brewing,
    Ron Smith
    FBI / Beer MBA (www.BeerMBA.com)

  13. Well put, Ron. The quality this year was better than I remember in any other year. Also agreed that it is good to see other people winning here and there, as I think the homebrewing skill is really picking up in this fair state of ours. Bill and Michael certainly brew quality beer, and they brew their asses off, but there are plenty of other people who brew quality beer in the state, as well.

  14. Also because I know everyone cares - my imperial stout scored an overall 34/50 but didn't really have any negative comments. I assume that means that I did as good as I could for the recipe, which I'm happy with.

    It was fun scoring back-to-back first places while it lasted.

    Also typing a blog post is a pain on your cell phone, and there's no way I could have kept up with Tom on the homebrewer results, even if I was butchering everyone's names. Results should be up soon on the Brewer's Cup site.

  15. Hey Rodney, good score in a tough category. Good job man. I'd be happy to share one with you anytime and judge it independently. ;) 34 is a good score...I did not judge that category, but often that means, "really good beer, but lacking the intangibles to put it over the top." In some competitions 34 is medal worthy, but that definitely varies. In category 1 (light lagers) this year at the BC, a 40 point beer may not have even gotten you on the dance floor, as a 47 point beer won. It is hard to know or predict what other brewers brew, so I encourage you to keep on doing what your are doing, because obviously (from the scores you've gotten), your beer has legs!

    As far as the home brew results go, I suppose we could audio record and archive it, but then everyone would have to relive Stilabower's jokes? ;)

    I would imagine the results would be posted sooner rather than later on the Brewerscup.org site.

    Thanks for posting the pro results. I agree with Tom...perhaps it is time for a road-trip to a brewery such as Brickstone? Never heard of it, but they scored a few medals, and I am now curious!

  16. I finally got around to looking at my score sheets for the few beers I entered. My Baltic Porter that placed second scored a 40, but I also had a Doppelbock that scored a 40 and it didn't even place! That certainly is telling of how competitive it was this year.

    Ron Smith
    FBI / Beer MBA (www.BeerMBA.com)

  17. A) Category submission matters more here than anywhere else. Put an awesome Northern English Brown into the American Brown, and a 40 point beer might become a 22 point beer.

    There is more good than bad which comes from this process.

    B) I can agree from experience that numbers along don't maketh one a winner. MECA deserves credit for maintaining a ridiculous level of intensity in preparing for the Brewers Cup. If everyone else could do it, they wouldn't be HBC of the year.

    Next year, however, a new club on the horizon wants to be seen...

  18. Official results are up!