12 July 2011

Microbrewer's Festival 2011 program

The program was shipped off to the printer today, which means it's official!  Here's your brewery and beer lineup for the 2011 Microbrewers Festival.  Please keep in mind that this list is entirely subject to change based on what beers the breweries show up with on the day of the event.


Tickets are still available, but every festival we're involved with has exponential sales growth in the last week.  A new delivery was made to Crown Liquors at the beginning of the week, so they should have tickets back in stock.  Online tickets are still available as well, although VIP is sold out.  If you wait until the last minute, you might find yourself without a ticket.  Don't say we didn't warn you.


  1. Somewhere Rodney is thinking about how much he'd like to punch you right now :)

    Seriously though, Rod put a ton of work into this thoughtfully put-together and well designed program. Be sure to congratulate him on the job well done if you see him and his stupid beard at Microbrewers Festival.

  2. Don't get me wrong the program is beautiful. Just would've liked the beer list earlier.

  3. God love 'em for what they do, but collecting beer lists from brewers is very much like herding cats!

  4. Not trying to be a smart ass - just wondering - what does earlier access to the program accomplish? Are you making a ticket-buying decision based on what's in the program?

  5. Just one tiny little thing...where is Bier Brewery on the map? Do they get a special spot because they won the Brewer's Cup?

  6. We messed up and omitted Bier from the map, but they will be there.

  7. Because Bier won the Brewers Cup, we ejected them from the festival. Smug bastards.

    Yeah, huge oversight on our part on the map. Bier will be at the south end of The Lawn, near Dad's Inc and Gale's. So basically the first Indiana brewery you're going to run in to when heading north from the entrance. We'd offer to buy Darren a beer as an apology, but he apparently already makes the best in the state. ;)

    I was receiving beer lists up until Monday this week. And that's not including how many had to send revisions to the original lists they had sent me. We'd be slowly trickling out beer lists and correct information left and right if we did it all as we received it. Plus it's way more impressive to drop this 72 page bomb on the internet all at once.

  8. The real, honest truth about why I don't post that beer list in pieces is this -

    I only have about 2 weeks to drag that information out of every brewery that's attending and invest over 100 hours during that time putting this thing together, on top of my regular non-beer-related full time job. I don't get a lot of sleep during that time. Putting this list online is really the last thing on my mind during all of that.

    I'm always the first to volunteer to do the program so I'm certainly not complaining. I do it because I love it.

  9. Rodney, thanks for your hard work! I know that it's really appreciated.

    Now, if we could have an app for that...jk!