27 July 2011

Upland is expanding

The beer internet is buzzing about Upland's recently announced brewery expansion.  If you haven't already seen this elsewhere, here's the quick and dirty.

Upland is currently one of the state's largest breweries, at 11,000 barrels produced annually.  They have just acquired a new facility at 301 W Grimes Ln., about a mile south of the current brewery, that clocks in at 47,000 sq ft.  They will be moving their brewing equipment from the current brewpub on 11th St. to the new facility, with plans to expand the brewhouse to a 25,000 barrel annual production capacity.  The new location is along the upcoming B-Line Trail, which Upland thinks will only help the area's revitalization.

The existing brewery will be converted in to a small scale brewery designed to supply the brewpub with more limited run and experimental beers.  This will allow Upland to try out new beers in the brewpub and limited production quantities before determining if the new beers will be worth ramping up to full production.

Now you may be asking yourself - "didn't I just hear about Upland expanding?"  The answer is yes.  Upland recently installed a 150 barrel fermentation tank at their current brewery.  They have expanded their existing facility to include a barrel storage facility for their lambics.  On top of that, a new growler fill station entitled "Hoosier Knights" is in the works for downtown Bloomington.  We've even heard a rumor that the new production brewery will make room for an expanded brewpub on 11th St.  Needless to say, Upland has been quite busy in the past year.

If you'd like to check out the new brewery location, Upland is having an open house next Wednesday, August 3, from 5-7PM.  Keep in mind this is pre-brewery equipment installation.  Below is a Google Maps graphic to help identify which building Upland is moving in to.

301 W Grimes Ln, Bloomington, IN

Upland's expansion doesn't only represent their success, but also the rapidly growing Indiana beer industry.  Here's to hoping that not even 25,000 barrels is enough!

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