07 July 2011

16th Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival: The Breweries

We feel that it's safe to assume that most of our readers will be attending the Indiana Microbrewers Festival on July 16th. We've worked hard on this year's event, hoping that every year we help put this on will be an improvement over the one before it.

If you haven't bought tickets yet, perhaps a brewery list will entice you. This year's event will include beer, cider, or mead from:

Atwater Block * Back Road * Barley Island * Bee Creek * Bell's * Bier * Big Woods * Black Swan * Bloomington Brewing Company * BBC Production * BBC Brewpub * Boston Beer * Boulder * Boulevard * Broad Ripple Brewpub * Brooklyn * Brugge * Crown * Cutters * Figure 8 * Finch's * Flat 12 * Founders * Granite City * Great Crescent * Great Divide * Half Moon * Lafayette Brewing Company * Lexington Brewing * Mad Anthony * Mendocino * Napa Smith * New Albanian * New Belgium * New Boswell * North Coast * Oaken Barrel * People's * Power House * Rivertown * Rock Bottom College Park * Rock Bottom Downtown * Schlafly * Shoreline * Sierra Nevada * Sun King * The RAM * Thomas Family * Thr3e Wise Men * Three Floyds * Three Pints * Turoni's * Twisted Crew * Two Brothers * Tyranena * Upland * Victory

Tickets are available at IndianaBeerFest.com, the new Brewers of Indiana Guild website, or in limited quantities at Crown Liquors. There are no tickets at breweries this year. Just a head's up.

This event will sell out, as it does every year. VIP tickets have already sold out. Buy your tickets now.



  1. It should also be noted that there is a new rule for the participating breweries at these festivals.

    Only breweries with a brewery-employed representative may participate in the festival. So that means that every one of those breweries will have someone from the brewery present. I don't know about you but I think that's kind of cool.

  2. How does this affect the distributors ability to pour? I didn't see Cavalier or World Class on there.

  3. Distributors can provide the beer for the brewers and work for them (pouring) but can't represent a brewery 100%. At least 1 person from the brewery has to be there.