15 June 2011

Volunteer Opportunity for the 2011 Microbrewers Festival

If you've been with us awhile, you know that we organize beer festivals for the Brewers of Indiana Guild.  That includes recruiting the volunteer crew that makes the entire thing work.  We're in the process of building up our largest volunteer crew ever for this year's festival to meet the constantly increasing festival demands and we're looking for some dedicated volunteers to add to our efforts.

Volunteering means that you'll be working the entire festival, and while there will be plenty of opportunity for breaks and drinking, you will need to be there from the beginning to the end.  It's also a lot of work. Not particularly hard work, but there is a lot to be done that day and it will surely be incredibly hot out.  If you keep those things in mind when deciding to volunteer and still want to, we think that you'll have a great time.  Don't believe us?  Ask someone who has volunteered before - the majority of our volunteers come back to volunteer for multiple festivals.

With all that said, if you're ready to sign up to volunteer for the 2011 Microbrewers Festival, fill out the form located here - http://bit.ly/inbeerfest11.  We'll follow up with you in the coming weeks and hope that you'll join us in making this the best Microbrewers Festival yet!


  1. I'm moving to Indy at the end of this month and am excited to be moving into Indy's expanding beer market. I signed up to volunteer but seeing as how I'm new to the state, I wasn't aware that pourers needed to obtain permits. so, if I'm following this, I'd need to get a state issued permit to pour and serve beer at the event, correct? I still signed up to volunteer doing whatever I can, but I'd be slightly disappointed to not be able to pour.

    If that is the case I'll just have to make sure and complete the class before the next fest!


  2. Jesse,

    Indeed, it is true. You will need a pouring permit to be able to pour at the festival.

    Just to let you know, if you are moving from out of state, you will also need to submit a copy of your driving record to obtain a permit.

    Welcome to Indy!

  3. As an addendum to what Gina said - if you're only applying for a volunteer permit (i.e. not to pour at a restaurant or bar), you don't need to take the course. Once you apply with all the appropriate paperwork, it takes about a week for your permit to arrive in the mail. During this time, your receipt will qualify as a valid permit.

  4. For those who volunteer to teardown on Sunday, do they still recieve all the same perks on Saturday?

  5. I had looked into this last year, but never ran across the distinction between a server permit and a volunteer permit? Are there still costs involved in the volunteer permit?

  6. Anonymous - I'm not sure which perks you're referring to?

    Timothy - Volunteer Permits are cheaper, but they aren't free. A 2 year volunteer permit is $15 and a 3 year employee permit is $45. The difference is that to be paid for your services serving alcohol (as in a waiter or bartender), you need the employee permit.

  7. D'oh! I totally would have gotten a volunteer permit if I had known that!

    $15 for a shot to get inside the firkin tent for the day? No brainer.

    Next year...