08 June 2011

Scenes from a Festival - The 1st Annual Bloomington Craft Beer Festival

1000 or so better beer drinkers braved 95+ degree temperatures to attend Bloomington's First Annual Craft Beer Festival at Woolery Mill. By all accounts folks left happy, with short lines, plentiful samples, and plenty of space and time to converse with Indiana's breweries.

Hoosier Beer Geek would like to thank our team of volunteers, who once again did an amazing job taking care of the brewers and festival guests. We can't do this without you.

Below are some scenes from the event.


  1. That guy and his boyfriend in the last picture are a really cute couple.

  2. I've got a photo where one of them is kissing the other one if you want it.

  3. My personal favorite is the armpit/Bloomington Brewing Company pic.