23 February 2011

ReplicAle Tapping at Tomlinson

A great crowd of people came to the Tomlinson Tap Room on Wednesday night to sample ReplicAles from nine different Indiana breweries. Sun King's Dave Colt has been a long time shepard of Indiana's program for the past several years. This winter's recipe was a recreation of Ackerman's Imperial Double Stout, a beer brewed in the 1930's in New Albany. New Albanian's Jared Williamson suggested the recipe and led it's development. Both spoke briefly to the TomTap crowd. Sixteen breweries brewed the beer for Winterfest; nine were represented on Wednesday night. We look forward to tasting this summer's recipe at the July 16th Indiana Microbrewers Festival.

NABC's Jared Williamson taps into a lively cask of ReplicAle.

The beautiful people. The beautiful people.

The suds slingers at the TomTap were busy beavers. They were serving ReplicAles from New Albanian, Sun King, Crown, Great Crescent, Barley Island, Broad Ripple, People's, Rock Bottom College Park, and Upland.

The IndyBeer Meetup group were well represented. Ross was amazingly well behaved without his better half.

The crowd listening in as Dave Colt and Jared Williamson talked about ReplicAle.

The crowd at the TomTap, enjoying themselves at the City Market.

(FYI: 3 Days In Paris Crepes serves fantastic savory and sweet crepes. Grab a couple before going upstairs to drink.)


  1. None of those pics link to big ones.. I want to see if I'm in one of them.

  2. Who is driving this two bit website with its shoddy cell phone pictures?

  3. Doing what I can to pick up the slack.

  4. We would have had better photos had some idiot not lost the charging unit for his fancy camera.

    That idiot being me..

  5. It's all about the beer, damn it! They drank beer before cameras were invented.

  6. If Roger had been there, EVERYBODY would have had their cameras. The pepper-rockies love to follow politicians!