07 February 2011

Coming Soon: Fountain Square Brewing Co.

Courtesy of ex-Alcatraz head brewer Skip DuVall, we recently received the following press release about a new brewery opening in Fountain Square.  It looks like both Skip and the Alcatraz brewing equipment have found a home at an up-and-coming Indianapolis brewery.  Skip will become a brewer for the Fountain Square Brewing Co. once they open later this year.

Craft beer startup to locate in Fountain Square
INDIANAPOLIS (February 3, 2011) – Craft brewing is a popular industry in central Indiana. Growing demand has made a success of more than a few microbreweries and brew pubs in and around Indianapolis. With the belief that there’s still ample room for market growth, three seasoned entrepreneurs have joined to form the Fountain Square Brewing Co., and will be introducing its selection of craft ales starting this summer.

Partners Bill Webster, Jeff Gibson, and Justin Brown have created the vision for the new brewery: a thriving brewery that’s part of the community and supports and enhances the neighborhood. The three partners are passionate home brewers with a diverse professional background, “It seemed natural to put our collective talents together to open a brewery,” says Bill Webster, “Our diverse expertise in automation and controls, business management, and chemistry and biological science will bring a high level of quality and consistency to our crafted beers.” Settling in Fountain Square was an important part of the plan. “We think a microbrewery is a great fit, and we’re excited to be part of this happening neighborhood,” says Webster.

Southeast Neighborhood Development (SEND) is excited too. They have been working to attract a microbrewery for the past year and a half.

Community-based microbreweries are a popular business type, and one which is welcome in Fountain Square. “It’s a perfect complement to the unique mix of independent retailers and restaurants, bars and entertainment venues, artist studios, and arts organizations,” says Mark Stewart, President of SEND. Fountain Square has been steadily building momentum as a retail corridor, and Stewart is confident it will be successful. “We’ll have yet another destination business – like Claus’ German Sausage & Meats, the Fountain Square Theatre, Murphy Arts Center, Joe’s Cycles, Siam Square – that will bring people from far and wide to our fun and funky neighborhood,” says Stewart, “and that’s a key factor in its increasing popularity.” He continues: “People come to buy bratwurst, duckpin bowl, have a meal or a drink, or see a show, and they find out there’s a heck of a lot of cool things in Fountain Square, and that brings them back and gets them in the door of our other businesses.” It also helps towards a SEND goal of creating jobs in the neighborhood.

Fountain Square Brewing Co. has purchased the equipment from a recently-closed Indianapolis brew pub. On opening, they’ll be joined by one of Indy’s most respected  brewers, Skip Duvall, the head brewer at Alcatraz and honed his skills under the tutelage of Omar Castrellon, now with Three Wise Men. “Not only is Skip a great brewer, he shares our passion for great beer and our desire to be actively involved in our community,” says Webster.

Over the next several months the partners will be readying the facility for production. They’re taking over a modest, one-story structure that, until recently, housed a carburetor repair business. And they’ll be right across the street from the former Wheeler-Schebler Carburetor Factory, now home to 36 artist lofts and to SEND’s offices.

Webster has a good feeling about the new venture. “We’re looking forward to working with the community of craft brewers, and with the local businesses and neighborhood organizations in Fountain Square as we bring our high-quality craft brews to central Indiana beer lovers.” Fountain Square Brewing Co.

Bill Webster
1301 Barth Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Facebook: Fountain Square Brewing Co.


  1. No offense towards this project, but I'm not sure how Skip Duvall became "one of Indy's most respected brewers" with just a few months experience at the helm of Alcatraz's system. Seriously, with Kevin Matalucci at Broad Ripple, Ted Miller at Brugge, Dave Colt and Clay Robinson at Sun King, you're talking about guys with 20+ years of experience. Nothing against Skip, but he's not quite in that category.

  2. It's a press release, what did you expect?

  3. Skip is a good guy, but c'mon...not really experienced as a head brewer. With that being said, best of luck to him and the venture.

  4. If he can brew consistently that will give him a leg up against most of the people brewing beer in Indiana. Best of luck to them and hopefully another place brewing really tasty beer.

  5. Everybody's feelin' Anonymous today, eh?

  6. Of the few beers I had of Skip's I really enjoyed them. I really liked the bock that he did. I think that was his last brew.

  7. The Bock is on tap at the Tomlinson (at least, it was yesterday). I thought it was good. I'm disappointed that I didn't have a chance to try some of his other brews, but glad he is getting another chance. The good for them is that he has experience on that equipment. So no learning curve needed there.

    I agree that the press release definitely contained some hyperbole, but it's PR...c'mon.

    I'm really happy to see this happen.