02 February 2011

Anita gets a response on HB1093

Since the House of Representatives had a snow day yesterday, there is still time to get your voice heard.

If you haven't had the chance to send your support on HB1093, for the inclusion of locally made beer and wine for sale at the State Fair, we hope this response from Representative Davis (in response to Anita Johnson's letter) will help.  

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Thanks for your email about HB 1093, which deals with alcohol sales at the State Fair.  As you know, this bill has been assigned to the Public Policy Committee, of which I am the Chairman.

As Chairman, I can assure you that I will carefully review all alcohol bills and study both sides of every issue before making any decisions.  We in the General Assembly want to ensure that Indiana's alcohol sales laws are both fair and responsible, and we'll review each bill to determine what is best in terms of public policy. 

On one hand, I understand the desire of many people to have alcohol available at the State Fair, but on the other hand, I also understand the compelling interest in keeping the State Fair a safe and family-friendly place where we show our children that we can have fun without the presence of alcohol.  I am keeping an open mind on this issue and will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind as we proceed.

Again, thanks for voicing your opinions on this important issue.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any future questions or concerns.


Rep. Bill Davis
House District 33



Thanks again! 


  1. That's the same canned response I got. I guess that's good for something.

  2. They have their LA's send out all the same form letters. Hopefully someone will read it though.