28 June 2010

What Sunday Beer Sales Mean for Sunday Beer Drinking In Indiana

Starting July 4th, 2010, Senate Bill 75 finally goes effect and We The People of Indiana gain our Sunday beer independence. Here's what you need to know.

1. An Indiana microbrewery can sell its beer for carryout on Sundays only at the address at which the brewers permit is filed. This means that the brewing and the selling have to be done at the same address. Locations that fit this description and that will participate in Sunday sales include:

- Three Floyds (Munster)
- Shoreline (Michigan City)
- Crown (Crown Point)
- Figure Eight (Valparaiso)
- Mad Anthony (Fort Wayne)
- Brickworks (Hobart)
- People's (Lafayette)
- Lafayette Brewing Co. (Lafayette)
- Half Moon (Kokomo)
- Barley Island (Noblesville)
- Oaken Barrel (Greenwood)
- Ram Downtown (Indianapolis)
- Alcatraz (Indianapolis)
- Rock Bottom (both Indianapolis locations)
- Broad Ripple Brewpub (Indianapolis)
- Wilbur (by appointment only, Martinsville)
- Lil' Charlie's (Batesville)
- Upland (Bloomington)
- Bloomington Brewing Co. (Bloomington)
- Big Woods (Nashville)
- Powerhouse (Columbus)
- Great Crescent (Aurora)
- Turoni's Main Street (Evansville)
- New Albanian's Bank Street Brewhouse (New Albany)

2. Places where brewing does not take place are not eligible for carryout sales. Some places where you will not be able to purchase beer for carryout include:

- Ram Fishers
- Upland's College Ave. Tasting Room
- Barley Island Broad Ripple
- Mad Anthony's Warsaw and Auburn locations

3. Breweries are not required to sell beer on Sundays, so if a brewery does not hold regular hours on Sundays, it may or may not open on a regular basis for Sunday sales. The following breweries are not currently participating in Sunday sales.

- Sun King (Indianapolis), not open on Sundays
- Brugge (Indianapolis), not participating currently, will participate soon
- Back Road Brewery (LaPorte), not participating currently, will re-evaluate later
- New Albanian's Pizzeria & Pub (New Albany), not open on Sundays

4. Grocery stores, liquor stores, or other stores selling craft beer are not eligible for carryout Sunday sales.

5. You will still be able to purchase drinks at bars and restaurants on Sundays, just like you have in the past.

6. You are limited in the amount of beer you can purchase in a single transaction to two cases (or 576 ounces).


  1. That's great news! When we were at Upland's tasting room last week a dude got all bent because they couldn't fill his growler. Hopefully he will read this post! :-)

  2. What about Back Road Brewery in La Porte?

  3. Back Road's current hours are Saturday 1pm - 4pm for tours and tastings... I'm sorry to say I missed them when I was going through the list. I'll follow up and edit the post to reflect what I can find out.

  4. Back Road update:

    - Back Road Brewery (LaPorte), not participating currently, will re-evaluate later

  5. One more thing to add, as Roger pointed out in his fabulous blog The Potable Curmudgeon -

    "Beginning July 1, we must see your identification to sell you a growler -- ANYTIME. That's the necessary legislative payback to the killjoy health fascist lobby, and really, a small price to pay for Sunday growler freedom in Indiana."