08 June 2010

Getting to Know Your US National Team Through the Magic of Beer

The World Cup starts Friday, and if you're not excited, then I'll apologize in advance for the everything you'll see on this site in the next month. Many of us at Hoosier Beer Geek believe that there is nothing better than the World Cup, and we hope you agree.

If you're already into the World Cup, or just interested and looking to learn, we thought we'd help you along by offering up the Hoosier Beer Geek guide to your US National Team. Since this is HBG, we decided that the the best way to do that is to compare the players to the breweries in your Brewers of Indiana Guild.

Broad Ripple Brewpub/Tim Howard - Rock solid towers that lead by example. Respected by the entire community as one of the best at what he/they do.

Three Floyds/Oguchi Onyewu - Both are known on the biggest of stages. They regularly intimidate the competition, and are irreplaceable in the lineup.

Crown Brewing/Jay DeMerit - Both toil away in the shadow of a bigger player in a similar position (Three Floyds/Oguchi Onyewu), but have proven that hard work has its rewards.

Barley Island/Carlos Bocanegra - Long-time fixtures in their respective teams, they are dependable and versatile.

Sun King Brewing/Landon Donovan - Wildly productive on a local level, both have recently shown to be able to produce results on a larger stage.

Lafayette Brewing/Michael Bradley - Steady engines who lead through a solid understanding of the game.

Oaken Barrel/Maurice Edu - Both play in lesser-known yet underappreciated leagues (Greenwood/Scotland), loved by home fans due to clutch performances in big competitions.

Upland/Jose Torres - Both are steady, solid, and skillful, and known to dazzle with a surprise or two.

Mad Anthony/DaMarcus Beasley - Both hail from Fort Wayne. Oftentimes lost in the shuffle, but are consistent performers that have quite a resume. More decorated that most.

Brugge Brewing/Clint Dempsey - Oftentimes underappreciated by some local "experts" (I'm looking at you Beer Advocate/John Harkes), but wildly creative and a consistent producer of quality.

People's Brewing Company/Jozy Altidore - Newcomers who show the potential to be future stars.

New Albanian/Herculez Gomez - Both stars that hail from the south. They come on to score every time.


  1. Nice write up. As one who only gets excited about futbol for the World Cup this was very informative.

    If you haven't seen it already here is an article from the IBJ on the new breweries in town.


  2. man, I wish they were closer.

  3. I think we all do, Gina.