22 June 2009

Photo Post: 30 Bell's Taps at The Beer Sellar

Some of you were there! I'm assuming! Any favorites!?!?!


  1. Loved the Rye Stout. Bourbon Barrel Stout, too.

  2. Poolside and Rye Stout for me.

  3. I've never gone from hate to love as quickly as with the Eccentric Ale. The Poolside was a really great beer, like a mild sour. The Rye Stout and the Hell Hath No Fury were excellent as well. The Double Cream Stout was good, but nothings special.

    Loved hanging with the Geeks in the back. I got in a picture too!

  4. BBS was great, super smooth. The rye ale was good. Scratching my head as to what the hell the eccentric was, but still a highlight.

  5. Oarsman was the mild sour, Poolside was sort of like Magic Hat #9.

    My highlights were the Eccentric Ale, Bourbon Barrel Double Cream Stout and Rye Stout. Rye Stout earns some sort of cred for being a sleeper hit.

    Oarsman was a nice surprise but a bit too light on the body (almost watery). They should be bottling a lot more of these.

  6. Wild One was my favorite!!! Oh wait, that wasn't there last night...

    BBDC/E Blend was the highlight as it always is when it rears it's head. It's changed over the the last few years, but still deliciously dangerous.

    Really dug The Oarsman. Like a Berliner Weiss light. I could knock those back by the dozen in this hot weather. Didn't try the Poolside, but I had that at the brewery a few times. Another nice summer brew.

    Bring Rye Stout Back! I should pop one of my bottles to see how it's held up, cause that was really tasty. Also enjoyed the Harry Magill's (nutmeg explosion!), Bell's IPS (Alpha King with less malt?) and Cherry Ale (nice and tarty).

    Once again I DESPISED the Eccentric ale. Pure nastiness! Also wasn't too impressed with Golden Rye, Deb's Red or Wedding Ale.

    Now the wait for ORACLE begins...

  7. I thought the eccentric was very good. You could pick up the presence of the malted milk balls, but it wasn't overstated.

    The Oarsman I thought was watered down and wasn't anything to write home about.

    The Wedding Ale was my favorite of the night. This is a very crisp, refreshing summer ale with a bit of citrus.

    The Best Brown was a solid brown. have had better have had worse.

    The BBDCS was really well done