15 June 2009

A Little Something for Your Calendar

We are currently in the works of putting together our Third Anniversary Roundtable. Here's what we know:


1) The event will be held at Sun King Brewery (135 North College, Indianapolis) on Saturday, August 22nd at 6pm.

2) There will be beer and food at the event.


1) Everyone will have a good time.

Our request from you

Got any suggestions? Let us know.


  1. Suggestion: Invite me. Thanks!

    I sat at Clay's table at Union Jack and he was great. He and the other SKBers are going to do a great job.

  2. That's going to be a busy day.

    Your party sounds like a sellout. That's sellout as in no more room, not like selling out to the man.

    The CFF Festiv-Ale at Granite City runs from 4-8pm.

    A "Wine, Art, Music and Microbrew Fest" in Greenwood will go from 10am-8pm. They say 4 brewpubs will be there but I don't know which ones.

  3. Yeah, its hard finding a weekend where there are no beer things going on. Especially during the summer.

    oh well, party on!

  4. Bob O - I'm glad that Greenwood event starts in the A.M. I hope to check that out.

    We also heard rumblings of a BWW event downtown.

    It will be a great beer-drinking day!

  5. Maybe somebody can sponsor a drunk bus that goes around to the different festivals that day...

  6. Maybe the people scheduling parties that weekend should have thought about our blogging anniversary.

    That's pretty unlikely, isn't it?

  7. thanks for scheduling that on my wedding day, douches! anyway, the reception will be a beer event in and of itself. 2 kegs of homebrew and an assortment of beers TBA.

  8. well, thanks for inviting us to your wedding.

  9. yeah maybe if we had wedding invitations we would have known! You might consider moving your reception to our anniversary party.

  10. ummm, they must have got lost in the mail. yeah... that's it. lost in the mail