19 June 2009

Coming Soon to Indy (maybe): Upland Brewing Company

Earlier today, jtoshua sent us the following tweet:

@hbgeek or anyone else in town know what the deal is with upland beer applying for a liquor permit for a spot at 49th and college

My response: f*ckin' sweet.

Mr. I-get-to-drink-beer-at-lunch Architect response (a.k.a. Knight Jason): Indianapolis permit search.

Turns out Upland is indeed looking to open a new space at 49th St. and College Ave. From the address -- 4842 N. College Ave -- that's the southwest corner of the intersection, a building called the Uptown Business Center. As far as I can tell, there are three retail spaces there and they're all full right now (Pawpatch, Second Chance Boutique, and 60 Minute Cleaners). The address on the Liquor License also says "Suite 2" which could mean that they're looking at the second floor. If you take a look at Google Street View you can see a fuzzy "For Rent" sign in a second floor window, so that may make sense.

We'll let you know when we know more.

UPDATE: Jason just did a drive-by -- he's a bad shot, no injuries reported -- and it looks like the Second Chance Boutique is no longer in business. Upland's orange liquor license application is in the window of that space.


  1. Hmmmm... Lot of damn good that does for me.

    It still would take me about 35-40 minutes to get there. Only takes me 40 to get down to Bloomington!!!

    *grumble, grumble*

  2. awesome news!

    while I like them, their brews lack a lil somethin for my current taste... but their brewpub in bloomington seems to make great use of local ingredients in their grub.

    btw - the person @ upland who dreamed up the name nut hugger brown should probably be smacked

  3. Very cool, this made my day!