26 September 2008

Random Beer Roundup - I Forgot About Random Beer Roundup Edition

As it turns out, as the day goes on, more stuff rolls in. If you read the roundup Friday morning, you may notice that I've added more info since. I suppose that's the way it'll go..

From Mike at J. Gumbo's (15 E. Maryland Street, Indianapolis):
We have 3 Floyds Munsterfest and Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale on draft now. They are the only kegs of those in Central Indiana. The Sierra was made with hops the brewer hand carried back form New Zealand.
Brewer John at Half Moon (4051 South Lafountain, Kokomo IN) dropped us a line:
I have a Scottish Ale on tap right now that's moving quickly, and an American-Style Octoberfest coming on tap Thursday, October 2nd(O.G.=1060 ABV=6.6% IBU=30). I have also permanently replaced the Pre-Prohibition Pilsner with the Cannon Shot Cream Ale. In a week or two the Old Ben Brown Ale will be permanently replaced with the Hazelnut Brown Ale.
John at Big Red (Bloomington) just sent me an update:
Only a couple new ones this week. Bell's Hell Hath no Fury (Limited qty), Michelob Craft Sampler 12pk (3 each, Pale Ale, Porter, Marzen and Irish Red - Irish red and Marzen only available in sampler pack), and Best of Belgium 18pk sampler (6 Leffe, 6, Stella Artois, 6 Hoegaarden)
This update from Jerry at Rock Bottom Downtown (10 West Washington Street, Indianapolis):
In addition to the regular lineup we have:
Rocktoberfest-Marzen Lager
Indy Dream IPA-ruby grapefruit Simcoe hop juice!
And that's pretty much it for beer news this week. Don't forget the Circle City Socialites debut bout (7 p.m. Saturday, September 27 - doors open at 6 p.m., Ellenberger Park Ice Rink, 5301 E. St. Clair St., Indianapolis, $7 in advance, $10 at the door, kids 10 and under free). It's 100% HBG approved.

Lastly, a question: Any readers headed to GABF?


  1. Is Sam Adams Hallertau out in town yet?

  2. Oh man, I have to get to J. Gumbo's for that Harvest Ale. Good thing I'm going there tomorrow for the ND-Purdue game. (J. Gumbo's hosts ND game watches for those that don't know.)

  3. Man it's nice to have resources.

    For those who don't know, world class beverages is a division of monarch beverage, and monarch carries Sam Adams, so I contacted Bob Mack at World Class to see if he could help out. And he did.

    "Monarch has Sam Adams and the Hallertau is currently in the Monarch warehouse, but I think they are waiting for Sam Adams to release it for sale, so it should be very soon."

    So there you go, anonymous.

  4. Anyone know where I can find the new Budweiser American Ale on tap? I see that it was released on the 15th in draught and the 29th in bottles. Just curious about the taste.


  5. Has anyone had that Indy Dream IPA-ruby grapefruit Simcoe hop juice yet? That sounds pretty awesome.

  6. I found American ale on tap at Shallows on the southside. Not a bad beer. It is quite bland and stays in the middle for wider appeal, but it is probably the best beer AB has ever made.

  7. Picked up some of that Hell Hath No Fury at Big Red...it's fantastic! Two thumbs up. Outperformed Unibroue and Dogfish in a strong Belgian dark taste test with friends last night.

  8. Anybody seen Hell Hath No Fury around Indy yet?

    I was at Kahn's on Saturday and looked for it. No dice, though they did have (and I purchased) the newly released Heavy Handed IPA from Two Brothers. It's a wet-hopped IPA...very interested to give it a try.

  9. Should have checked WCB's search engine first. Interestingly, they ARE showing it at Kahn's (and Parti Pak and the Carmel Crown Liquor).

    I was able to limit myself to one 6er at Kahn's on Saturday so I won't gamble with my bank account by going there again so soon. I think I'll wait to see if any of the downtown liquor stores get any.