05 September 2008

Free beer sampling for Colts fans

From Bob Mack at World Class Beverage:
We have secured a free beer tasting tent outside of the stadium in the Hurst Bean Company parking lot (which is in the stadium south parking lot). This Sunday, Sept. 7, Barley Island will be present and on Sept. 21 Brugge will be present. Both will be giving free samples of their beers.

Here’s a map of the tasting location. The blue
marker is where out tent will be.


  1. What if you're not a Colts fan?

  2. I'm a Bears fan and I'll show up for free beer!

  3. You'll be fine, Joe . . . unless you're a Patriots fan. If that's the case, you'll be tied to the front of Jason's truck--eloquently dubbed the "Unlucky Unitas"--and force-fed Coors Light.