31 March 2014

Tailgate for Nothing 10: It Goes to Eleven | Saturday, April 19, 4:30pm

There's an old saying: If there's one constant in life, it's change.

Tailgate for Nothing is changing. Specifically, we'll be holding it at a different time and a different place than we have before. We decided to do this because to stay the regular course would require us to charge attendees a not-so-small admission fee. We didn't want to do this because the original purpose behind Tailgate for Nothing was to keep the event a low-cost, low-maintenance show. The new place will allow us to do that.

The other change in the event is that it'll be a traditional, old-timey tailgate because it'll be held in connection with a sporting event. In the past, we've made no secret that we are soccer fans, and now we have a team to call our own: Indy Eleven. We want to celebrate our new team, so that is another reason we're changing the location of the tailgate.

Just to be clear, you don't have to be an Indy Eleven or a soccer fan to come to the tailgate. Indeed, the purpose of the tailgate will still be the same: to share beer and food with each other. So if you don't plan to attend the Indy Eleven match that evening, that's okay. But we hope that you'll head into Carroll Stadium to watch Indy Eleven take on the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

So join us on Saturday, April 19 at 4:30pm for our next tailgate in the northwest corner of Indy Eleven's Parking Lot A on the IUPUI campus, just across the street from Carroll Stadium (see map below):

Note that there is a $10 parking fee to park in the lot.

Please bring beer to share with others. We don't expect you to bring super-special, ultra-rare beers, though we won't be disappointed if you do; just bring some tasty, non-macro beers.

In addition, here are tailgating rules imposed by the club. Please follow them because we want everyone to be safe and to respect the club's rules while having a good time:

- The lot will not be open before 4:30pm.
- Tailgating will be allowed on a first-come, first-served basis; saving spots is not allowed.
- One parking spot per purchased parking ticket. Additional adjacent spots may be purchased for tailgating use if available.
- Please keep all tables, chairs, coolers, barbeques, etc. within the designated parking stall.
- Tailgating will be limited to the lined parking space. Blocking of the drive lane is strictly prohibited.
- Open flames are permitted. All barbecue equipment left unattended must be extinguished.
- All cooking equipment must be situated away from crowds, buildings, vehicles or combustible materials. A minimum clearance distance of 3 feet is required.
- Bins for disposing of charcoal and port-a-let bathrooms will be located in each lot.
- No advertising, banners, signs or distribution items for promotional use are allowed in the lots.
- Tailgaters will be asked to remove inappropriate banners or signs.
- Music speakers may not exceed reasonable levels in the sole determination of Indy Eleven and event personnel.
- Lots must be cleared within 45 minutes of the conclusion of the event.
- Finally, please drink responsibly during the tailgate as any guests who appear to be impaired will not be permitted entrance into the stadium.


  1. Is there a theme for this one?

  2. No theme. Just beer, food, and fun.

  3. I finally get to go to the Tailgate! So excited!

  4. Never been but have season tickets. As far as the 'Bring Beer' rule goes - how many beers should bring to share? And help me out by listing some of the ones you normally see - I don't want to be lame :D

  5. The beer rule is this: anything that tastes good, with a preference for non-macro brews. And the sharing will be done is small pours (i.e., the 2 to 4 oz. pours you'd get in a tasting glass at a beer festival), so don't feel the need to bring a ton of beer. Our best guess is that we might have 20 to 30 folks hanging out, though there could be more.