02 January 2013

What Was Your Beer of the Year for 2012?

So after working through every beer we tried in 2012, we chose our Beer of the Year. There were plenty of great options in 2012, with new breweries popping up left and right, as well as new, old, rare, and common selections filling liquor store shelves throughout Indiana. You may have filled out our readers survey, but we didn't break it down to a beer-by-beer level. So now we'd like to hear from you. What was your favorite beer in 2012? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, and have a happy New Year.


  1. Perennial Blueberry Flanders, Schlafly Tasmanian IPA, and Urban Chestnut's Zwickel all stand out. Fountain Square Pilsner for Indiana beer.

  2. I've never previously voted for my own product, but since I drank quite a lot of NABC beer in 2012, I'll go with Grätzilla. It was a 100% wheat, session strength, oak-smoked, Noble-hopped Grodziskie/Grätzer style (Polish/Prussian origin). I reckon my ancestors hail from that area, since I drank it by the gallon.

    For "outside" beers, my clearest memory of 2012 was sampling Schlafly's Single Malt Scottish Ale (21st anniversary ale). Also, Brad's making a fine Altbier at Salt Creek in Needmore, IN. It's called Colonel Klink. Indy visits tended to be a blur of Flat12, Sun King, Brugge, BRBP and lots of other Indiana beers. I can't recall drinking a dud, and that's where my interests lie these days -- right here at home.

  3. Half Cycle, Black Acre's Hop Pun, Pogue's Run Porter.