10 January 2013

HBG Reader's Choice Awards of 2012

This year saw our greatest increase in survey submissions yet.  Nearly a thousand people turned out to vote for their favorite beer institutions, thanks mostly to the breweries and bars for spreading the word on their twitter accounts, facebook pages and blogs.  Now without further ado, here are your top 5 choices in each category.

Top 5 Breweries
1. 3 Floyds - Munster
2. Sun King - Indianapolis
3. Bier - Indianapolis
4. Iechyd Da - Elkhart
5. Flat 12 - Indianapolis

Top 5 Beer Stores
1. Kahn's Fine Wine and Spirits - Various Locations
2. Crown Liquors - Various Locations
3. Chalet Party Shoppe - Various Locations
4. Payless Liquors - Various Locations
5. 21st Amendment - Various Locations

Top 5 Beer Bars
1. Twenty Tap - Indianapolis
2. Ale Emporium - Indianapolis
3. Beer Geeks Pub - Highland
4. Fiddler's Hearth - South Bend
5. MacNiven's - Indianapolis

Top 5 Brewpubs
1. 3 Floyds - Munster
2. Iechyd Da - Elkhart
3 (tie). Broad Ripple Brewpub - Indianapolis
3 (tie). Brugge Brasserie - Indianapolis
5. Thr3e Wise Men - Indianapolis

Top 5 Events and Festivals
1. 3 Floyds Dark Lord Day
2. Brewers of Indiana Guild Microbrewers Festival
3. Brewers of Indiana Guild Winterfest
4. Upland Sour + Wild + Funk Fest
5. Bloomington Craft Beer Fest

Top 5 Upcoming Breweries
1. Union Brewing - Carmel
2. Indiana City Brewing - Indianapolis
3. Ted Miller's Mass Ave Thing Outliers - Indianapolis
4. Back Alley Brewing - Goshen
5. Daredevil Brewing - Shelbyville

Top 5 Sister State Breweries
1. Founders - Grand Rapids, MI
2. Bell's - Kalamazoo, MI
3. Goose Island - Chicago, IL
4. Two Brothers - Warren, IL
5. Jolly Pumpkin - Dexter, MI

Congratulations to all of our winners!  Although Indianapolis has the highest population in the state, we saw a good variety of winners.  This should help you start some winter road trip plans, or perhaps create key destinations on your Winterfest plan of action.

We're not perfect, and we did accidentally leave some key players off of the beer bar and liquor store categories, but each year we learn.  Your write-in votes will result in more options for next year.  Believe it or not, we do read those things!  We also read the areas of improvement, and since they're targeted at the community and not only our blog, we'd like to share some of them with you.  That's the glory of an entirely anonymous poll!  Since there are a lot of them, we'll spread them out through a couple of upcoming posts.  Stay tuned!


  1. Way to go Cameron (Union Brewing), bringing REAL ALE to the Central Indiana market! In addition to your own concoctions, I can't wait to taste the TPB's own Heartbreaker recipe on cask soon!

  2. Heorot didn't even make it in the top 5?!? With all due respect to beer geeks (I frequent it at least once a week), Heorot is 100x better. They have been doing the craft beer thing for over 10 years now, and are one of the best beer bars in the country. 65+ beers on tap, along with over 350 bottled selections, and not one of them is miller, bud, or coors. I know Muncie pretty much sucks, but Heorot is a must visit location for any beer geek.