27 December 2012

Winterfest Volunteer Signup

Hoosier Beer Geek and the Brewers of Indiana Guild festivals have almost become synonymous in the past few years, so as you may have expected, we're organizing this year's Winterfest again.  We are looking for some additional volunteers to help make the festival a success for thousands of people.  Would you like to help us?  There are already a lot of people who have volunteered with us in the past and keep coming back year after year, so it can't be that bad of a gig.  Since you're already reading this blog, we assume that you're good people.  Keep in mind the following items:
  • Volunteering is all day long, set up to tear down
  • You can drink while you work, but don't get drunk
  • Only volunteer if you're free on January 26, we don't like no-shows
  • This is not a free ticket to the festival, we will expect you to work
If you have any questions, please post them in the comments and I'll follow up.  Registration will be open for about a week or until we reach the maximum number of volunteers, whichever comes first.

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