04 December 2012

Beer Travels: Moeder Lambic

Jake Wrote:

As part of planning the Cantillon trip, I knew I wanted to find a Belgian beer bar. Based on the recommendation of a friend who toured Belgium recently, I put Moeder Lambic on the list as that bar. Moeder Lambic has two locations in Brussels. The newer location is a 10-15 minute walk from Cantillon and has 42 taps. Of the 42 taps, eight of them are sours on cask.

The menu is organized by style and there are three to five offerings for each style from around the country. However, the tap handles are all the same which I found refreshing form the usual clutter that you see here in the states.

Upon ordering my first beer, I was given a small dish filled with what looked like sunflower seeds. After I tried a small handful of the seeds, I realized that it was actually malted barley. What a great call. Buying two row in bulk has to be cheaper than bar mix or peanuts and I think it only accentuates the true beer experience.

Since I had not eaten much during to this point and had sampled four glasses at Cantillon, I was in need of some food. The main dish on the menu is quiche and it was fantastic. I stayed for a bit and had a few drinks, listened to an amazing first date conversation, and then made my way to the train station to head back to Luxembourg. I could have stayed all night, but I had a three-hour train ride back and did not want to get in too late.

Quick Hitters:
-       If you’re going to go, stay the night in Brussels and get the full experience. There was a group tasting area that was having a great time and the place was starting to fill-in around 6pm.
-       Definitely ask the bartender for suggestions. Since you are reading this on HBG, my hope is that you know better than to say, “Surprise me” or “Something light”, but, don’t let your friends do that either. Pick a style or two and ask for a suggestion.
-       The newer location is open for more hours during the day than the older one, so I suggest heading there.
-       The bathrooms are in the basement and there are no doors. If a lady makes a wrong turn, she may not realize it until she is standing roughly two feet from you and it can be startling for both parties. Pee confidently or wait for a stall.

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