11 October 2011


Last month, Mike, Gina, and I traveled to Bloomington to witness the exchange of vows between former Knight of the Beer Roundtable Matt E. and his lovely bride Crystal. At the reception, three kegs were available. And it was better than your typical wedding reception beer. I’ve decided to review the lineup in traditional HBG style…by spoofing the song “Makin’ Whoopee”…

A former Knight was just wed,
And the guests have been fed.
The bar is open, but don’t be mopin’:
They’re serving craft beer.

A keg of wheat will be fun,
One enjoyed in the sun.
In the reception hall, enjoyed by all,
They’re drinking Oberon.

The wedded couple is so happy.
The next beer is so hoppy.
It doesn’t rhyme; get over it.
They’re tapping Helios.

A lovely wedding in September
There’s another event to remember
Here’s the reason: it’s in season…
Bell’s Oktoberfest.

Hoosier Beer Geek congratulates Matt and Crystal on their nuptials. And thanks them for the providing a beer menu that is approachable to all yet enjoyable for us craft beer fans. Five mugs.


  1. Well I can die now - we've finally spoofed "Makin' Whoopie".

  2. Wow, nice. Gotta love that twenties brand of naughtiness. Thanks for coming.

    23 skidoo!