25 October 2011

Beer Discoveries

We've lost some really good breweries that have come into Indiana for a number of reasons and I'm not here to talk about those reasons, but I'm more interested in the beers that you've discovered because we can't get a particular beer anymore. It could be they are gone from Indiana completely or maybe your favorite beer was out of stock or perhaps you loved someone's seasonal beer that you want all year long. Either way what are some beers you might not have picked up if what you were looking for would have been available?

I adore the lineup from Cantillon and I still miss Cantillon Gueuze 100% lambic regularly, but had they never left Indiana I don't think I would have ever found out about Giradin Gueuze, Hanssens Oude Gueuze, or Oud Beersel oude Geuze.  I am not ranking any of these, but they have been a wonderful substitute for the style and for a beer that I miss so much.  You shouldn't have too much trouble finding any of these off of the shelves at better beer stores around town.

I also miss Fantome Saison a great deal.  That is the beer that solidified my love of the saison style.  I've discovered Saison Brett from Boulevard because of it, but that beer is seasonal and you can still find some bottles of it around town. I've also become a fan of Sofie from Goose Island more and more.  I also really enjoy Saison De Lente from the Bruery that I had never had until I couldn't find Fantome anymore. I always went right for my bottle of Fantome though and most likely wouldn't have tried any of these if Fantome had not left Indiana.

I'm all about what we are doing locally, but sometimes we don't have locally available what someone else is doing outside of our brewing community.  How about you?  Any discoveries you have made because what you wanted wasn't available?


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