21 September 2009

Beer Diary #16 - Mike - Cleaning Out The Fridge Edition

Here I am again with an entire bottom fridge shelf filled with beer. I'm not even sure how this all happened - we had a six of Schlafly Coffee Stout, and then we picked up a mix six at Kroger, and then all of a sudden they had babies and suddenly there's no room for food. Don't let this happen to you - keep your beers seperated in your cheese and produce drawers. Or keep them wrapped. Or.. something.

Of course you could just drink them.

19 August 09
Location: Jason's Front Porch

Magic Hat Roxy Rolles Autumn Seasonal - Magic Hat and I have worked out a deal - they send beer, I drink it. The bottle for Roxy Rolles calls it an amber, so imagine my surprise when the giant hoppy nose came out of the glass. This is a strawberry-colored beer, continuing Magic Hat's tradition of making beers in weird colors. That hoppy nose was extremely promising, but the front is light and leads to a citrusy/malty balance. The beer follows up hoppy, bitter, and a hint flowery, with a mouth drying finish. There's also a slighty ashy thing in the finish. Lingering over the beer brings out more elements in the nose: celery and tomato?

We thought it could easily be called a pale ale, so why does the bottle say amber?

21 August 09
Location: Home
Southside Indianapolis

Magic Hat Odd Notion Fall 09 - A deep dark brown color leads to a promising chocolatly nose. The front is light on flavor, but then strong flavors of dark chocolate and tobacco come to play. The beer has a medium mouthfeel, a lingering smoky chocolate flavor, and at 6.2% ABV it's like a lighter yet full flavored imperial stout kind of flavor. As the beer warms, more tobacco flavors come out, then elements of apple. I preferred it colder. The warmer it gets, the more I pick up a cigar-like flavor. As a former smoker, that's a flavor I'm not very fond of.

Dark Horse Perkulator - I bought this bottle quite some time ago - actually it was a few days after our beer breakfast at Brugge. I'm not sure if this is old on new bottle art (or old or older beer) - and I've always felt that Dark Horse's art was more miss than hit. But this bottle, with a two-headed goat bat man is AOK with me.

The color of this beer is somewhere between stout and amber, almost sweet tea colored. The nose is old coffee, the front is tight and bitter and then BOOM! It's bitter old coffee. There's also some fishy in flavor going on here.

As the beer warms, there's a sweetness that comes out. I don't know what's going on here. This beer is weird.

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