21 July 2009

What's cooking for HBG 3, literally

Maybe we mentioned something about our super awesome third anniversary extravaganza. I think there's a big ad for it somewhere on the website. Tickets are $30 in advance and are currently limited to 100, so hurry up and get on that before it's too late! If a little breakfast event earlier this year is any evidence of the kind of parties we throw, there's no reason not to come! Not even being pregnant or getting married or living out of state! NONE!

Oh, maybe you want to know what we have up our sleeves? As we said before, up and coming grill-master and chef extraordinaire Chef JJ will be whipping up something special for our birthday. 5 courses of something special. They currently look something like this:

  • Cheese and cracker tray with grilled sausages

  • Mini black bean burgers

  • Gorgonzola mini bella sandwiches

  • Steak kabobs with sweet potato fries

  • Chicken wings

I think there's something in there for everyone. Obviously we're going to have beer too. A lot of beer. But that's another post.

Buy your tickets HERE


  1. any update on how you'll be handling DDs?

  2. A crack team of commandos is currently working on a solution to your inquiry. We hope to see results soon.